In this episode, Grant and Jarrod give the 10 Signs of Trouble in the workplace, warning signs to millennials and to managers and HR professionals. Having the ability to self motivate and remain engaged and excited about the work you do is KEY to determining your level of success at any organization. Jarrod reminds Young Hustlers to reconnect to their goals and bigger purpose when they find themselves lagging at work. A survey showed that over 60% of millennials said they would rather make 40k at a job they love than 100K at a job they were bored with. Grant says that people are only bored with their jobs when they lack the desire to do more to earn more.

Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer 10 signs of trouble peopel or employees that you may not want to hire or keep around you. entitlement, gossip, complaining, know-it-all, independence without concern for the group, excuses, no enthusiasm, unwillingness to help others, liar, no initiative.

If you’re a millennial ages 18-33 or a parent of one, watch this video to learn from two people who were broke and are building wealth for themselves so you too can get the life you deserve.