In this episode, Grant and Jarrod give the 8 reasons you may not be getting ahead and how to successfully get that raise or promotion you desire. Having the awareness of these tips will help propel you into the marketplace. Rather than remaining stationary and stuck in the same rotation you must take personal responsibility to develop the self confidence and mental attitude to know your self worth, know your value and take actions that are relative to increasing your compensation. This is not something you cannot fake, you must believe and understand – sell yourself first.

The 8 Reasons you are not getting that promotion:

1 – You are not confident you can do the job at the next level

2 – You do not have a company owner mindset

3 – You think too small and have no strategic vision

4 – You embarrass or surprise or correct your boss in public

5 – You get defensive when you receive constructive feedback

6 – You do not have a solid strong relationship with your boss

7 – You are not speaking to your work

8 – You complain, gossip, or have a bad attitude. Even if on occasion


Grant and Jarrod analyze this list in detail and give effective strategies to handle these 8 reasons. The first is to communicate you are money motivated, another is to be a problem solver. To find problems and build value to a company increases your worth exponentially. Do more than that is expected of you at all times, be noted for your hustle. If no one has commented on your hustle in the last hour, you need to step up. Grant and Jarrod also recognize the importance of finding the other avenues of revenue within the company. This shows enthusiasm, interest in progress of the company, and states you are motivated to increase your wealth and position.

If you’re a millennial ages 18-33 or a parent of one, watch this video to learn from two people who were broke and are building wealth for themselves so you too can get the life you deserve.