In this episode, Grant and Jarrod talk about manners and how important it is in business to mine money and mind your manners. Grant and Jarrod believe that having good manners is a great way to differentiate oneself in business and that one will never be faulted for having great manners. Grant refers to an article he wrote for and with 12 manners to adopt immediately in business and life. They include:

1. Use a surname with Mr., Sir, Ms., Miss or Mrs

2. Use “yes, sir” and “no, sir.”

3. Say, “It’s my pleasure.”

4. Offer, “thank you for your time.”

5. Don’t interrupt.

6. Provide a full acknowledgement.

7. Be present.

8. Say thank you. Then add thank you and thank you again!

9. Don’t leave out “Excuse me.”

10. Hold the door open.

11. Try saying, “I’ll be happy to find the answer for you.”

12. Add, “It’s an honor to work with you.”

Grant reveals which of the 12 he struggles with and what went on at his own company that inspired this topic. Jarrod explains that millennials get a bad rap for not being well mannered and encourages his generation to set themselves apart by using these 12 examples of good manners then add more to see a difference in how people treat you.