According to Grant and Jarrod, millennials are often criticized for being entitled, lazy and self absorbed. Despite these negative stereotypes it is important millennials push ahead and strive for the success they want. Confidence plays a huge role in this. The following tips to build confidence are discussed in this episode along with great callers with BIG energy, hilarious freestyle rapping from Grant and featured music and mentions of Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West.

Why is it so important to have confidence?

Here is how to build it and why:

1. Be professional in your dress and language. How you carry yourself counts!

2. Be the first one there

3. Have a great attitude

4. Gain knowledge

5. Work extra and go in on off days.

6. Be consistent.

7. Bring In Revenue

Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life, along with his Vice President of Sales and protégé Gland offers insights and advice each week on Young Hustlers, a webcast that helps Millennials ages 18-33, to better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives.