Learn how millennials can make money after college or without college in sales.

This week’s Young Hustlers begins with Grant Cardone sharing a story of how he was doing a real estate deal and was impressed by the service the rep was providing. He was 28, and not making enough money. Grant offered him the opportunity to go work for him where he would make three times his $25,000 salary helping Grant handle his real estate transactions. The guy didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to follow the money. This leads to the topic… “Don’t be stupid.”

Millennials are graduating college more than any other generation. They are in greater debt post-college and they can’t get jobs. Why? Don’t be stupid!

1. Follow the money

2. Be willing to be uncomfortable

3. Do what’s difficult

4. Cut off the negative influences

5. See opportunities and take action

Grant and Jarrod explain that getting an education is a good thing but there are other options to consider. Grant suggests graduating high school, working for two years then attending college. He also says that everyone should work while in college. Employers want to know you have work experience.

Finally both Jarrod and Grant dispel common false beliefs that many have about sales and explain that one can make six figures in sales without college degrees. If you can hustle and sell you can earn big! Tune and for their take on this very important point.

Young Hustlers also features a few “Mystery Shop” calls to demonstrate the mistakes salespeople are making and missed opportunities. “Don’t Be Stupid!”