Whatever It Takes

Jarrod Glandt is taking the solo reins again this week with the Pitch. Don’t believe the misinformation that the big media outlets are putting out for Millennials. For example, Bloomberg business just put an article out about Millennials living with their parents—they blame it on student loan debt. Jarrod thinks that’s a load of bull.

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As a Millennial our problem is the inability to pitch yourself, your product, or your business. If you aren’t making enough money, it doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of debt you have. If you fix your pitch, you can get the job you want, the life you want and build your personal wealth.

Pitch 3-Point Format:
1. Get someone’s attention, get it fast
2. Be concise
3. Prepare with training and practice

When Jarrod came to Grant Cardone at 26-years old, he knew nothing about sales, but he knew a lot about persistence. Grant was forgiven and allowed him a space to prosper, but it took a lot of work, a lot of practice and was a huge risk.

“Your success dulls every day that you do not sharpen it.” – Jarrod Glandt

Make sure to set your intention right at the beginning of your pitch. You have to set that hook immediately and let the customer know where both of you stand. You gotta make it past that first 15 seconds. If they don’t hang up on you, you have about 2 minutes to set the hook.

Success rewards preparation. And not having the answers to a potential client makes you feel terrible and look foolish. You need to train every single day, commit every morning to massive success in your life. Go to www.CardoneUniversity.com (http://cardoneuniversity.com/) and discover the digital, on-demand University that will give you the tools to train every single day of the year.

Grant himself makes a call in to the show, comments on the previous call from Bangladesh and dissects Jarrod’s performance on the show. He also shares what he’s been working on today, which was a meeting with Charles Koppelman.

Listen and watch the full episode to hear all of the great pitches from callers and how Jarrod helps them to sharpen their success blade so that they can kill it in sales.

“The pitch will set you free baby!” – Jarrod Glandt

And remember, the only ones who condemn the hustler are the ones who have given up on the hustle themselves.