Grant and Jarrod recently visited Fort Benning in Georgia. They trained with the troops and then Grant spoke to a group, helping them obtain the tools they need to succeed. Soldiers for Life is a group helping soldiers make the transition from their life in the military to the civilian world—and will be working with Grant Cardone to bring success training to troops.

Troops live a life of strength. They aren’t focused on sympathy and feeling sad about pain, they take it as a badge of honor.

“For the young hustle to turn into something rich, you gotta train, you gotta prepare, you gotta bleed.” – GC

Grant and Jarrod are going to apply military discipline to develop their sales training success to even greater levels. There are too many Jacks, too many fakers out there without raw data to prove their training works.

“The one thing that will guarantee you fail with training, is that you don’t do it enough.” – JG

To Succeed at Training:

1. Every Day

2. Basics

3. Advanced Skills

4. Roleplay

5. Tested and Held Accountable

“The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle.” – Military Motto Basics:

1. Make an opening script. Drill it until it’s proven to not work.

2. Biggest problems to customers saying yes.

3. Throughout the day, immediate correction.

“Nobody wants to go to the gym. Everybody wants to look good.” – GC