[Previously Aired on April 8, 2014] The high cost of job dissatisfaction. A Gallup poll says 52% of full-time workers are disengaged, Costing US companies from $450 billion to $550 billion every year. America, stopped looking to your job for fulfillment and started looking at it as the unpleasant means to an end. 52% of all full-time workers in the U.S. are not involved in their work, not particularly enthusiastic about it and are committed only as much as they have to be. 18% of those folks are “actively disengaged” and have checked out to the point that they’re actually a hindrance to the company.


This Cost U.S. companies $450 billion to $550 billion every year.

What does it cost you?

1) Self esteem

2) Energy

3) Life satisfaction

How to Find the right job for you:

What makes you happy?

What are you meant to do?

What are you passionate about?

What is keeping your from being more engaged?

Who talked you against the job you have?

How good are you at your job?