Every Thursday Grant Cardone and his protege Jarrod Glandt take on Millennials. They have been labeled as lazy, unmotivated, and entitled. We know they are not. Plenty of them want true freedom—financial freedom—and prefer entrepreneurship to the 9-to-5 grind. They are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal.

Are you constantly trapped by the mentality, “money, money, money, success, success, success,” and then everything else around you starts eroding?

Once you start setting big goals you can get blindsided by the average mentality. It’s easy to get overly mechanical and lose site of the goal.

Lies of Society

1. Don’t stand out

2. Be seen and not hear

3. Don’t make me ask you again

4. You are not special

5. Seek balance in your life

6. It’s the journey, not the destination

7. Big expectations lead to big disappointments

8. Set reasonable goals

9. Successful people are unhappy

10. Be grateful you have more than most

Why is it important to stand out?

How to Create Your Super Life

1. Professional Career

2. Family Life

3. Income

4. Financial Wealth

5. Physical Life

6. Spiritual Life

7. Recreational Life

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