Are you middle class? And if so, why? My father fought to keep me in the middle class. My mother fought to keep me in the middle class. And I’m here to help get you out of the middle class.

There is a list of income levels separated by state, which define what the lower middle, median and upper middle class are considered.

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How you’ve been misled:

• I have to get an education. Now you have loan debt and no job.

• I have to save every penny. And it’s losing value versus prices going up.

• Don’t take risk. And never grow.

• Fly under the radar. And never get noticed.

We just finished 7 straight days of filming Season 2 of Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview. We had 416 people apply; 80 people came through the process—and everyone is thinking little. One challenge was to scoop ocean water into a bucket, and bring it to shore without spilling. And instead of filling the bucket and a little coming out, they only filled the buckets halfway—NO ONE CAME BACK WITH A FULL BUCKET.

“The middle class is a helmet of thinking that keeps you trapped.” – GC

Don’t believe everything you see on TV, read in a newspaper or read in a book.

Walt Disney busted out THREE TIMES. And no one will ever forget his name—ever. Even when we’re in space, there will be Disney Parks.