Every Friday at 1 PM EST, Grant Cardone does his solo show on Whatever It Takes Network. No noise. No co-hosts—Just his raw insights that will create massive success in your life and business. Someone told Grant it was important to be happy—and he was not happy at that point. The original meaning of “happy” in the 14th Century meant prosperity, luck and chance.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” – GC

When your clothes are all beat up and tattered, your house is in shambles and your business is suffering—are you well adapted? You aren’t happy.

“Happiness is bullshit. Get confident.” – GC

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The way ‘happiness’ is sold these days is a scam. The idea that money cannot help to bring you happiness is a lie.

What is the world’s happiest country? Switzerland. They have lots of money.

“The flaw of this study is that happiness is not the proper goal; you don’t just chase happiness and end up obtaining it. If you pursue successful business, the happiness will occur as a byproduct.” – Jeff Macke

Grant is the happiest when he is with his kids. And to have free time to be around his kids, he needs money. He is happy when he is with his wife, and to have time off from work to spend time with her, he needs money.

If you want to get rich, help a million people—you are guaranteed to get rich.

Grant’s List of Happiness:

1. His children

2. His wife & family

3. Respect

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“You need confidence and swag. You need to be able to walk into a room and know your purpose and know that you’re good.” – GC

The closer you get to your potential, the more fulfilled you will be. So set goals that are so high they are unattainable so that you will always be reaching towards your potential.