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Are you an overnight success?

Did you write one article and it goes viral? You make one video and everyone knows your name. Who’s an overnight success you know? It took Grant 32 years to become an overnight sensation.

You want to impact so many people with your product that when you get off a plane, walking into a room, go out in public, everyone knows who you are. The world is going to know you in a flash, but you will know all of the work and pain that it took to get there.

Most people are underpaid most of their life. A few people are overpaid.

Only you know your own potential.

To Become an Overnight Success:

1. Do one thing, more than anything else

2. Throw wood on the fire

Write articles. Post. Do Tweets. And for the first 2 years you’re going to be figuring out your message. Put it out there thousands of times. Then keep pushing it more.

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