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Have you ever been in a situation where you are at dinner, hosting a meeting with business partners or potential clients, and the bill comes. You’re terrified your credit card won’t make it. Will you be able to cover it? You can’t ask for a split, you don’t want to look broke; you don’t want to appear unsuccessful.

Two Things:

1. Become obsessed with success.

2. Get on the phone.

You need to become obsessed with success. People need to be asking you what’s wrong with you and why you’re working so much. If you’re not connected all the time—you aren’t making it.

“900 billion phone calls are made every year in the United States.” – GC

If you aren’t making phone calls you aren’t maximizing your time and reaching the most people possible.

“It costs 1/8th to contact a customer over the phone than to contact them in person.” – GC

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