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You need to get your money right. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics has an unrealistic financial budget for the US. Why are you even going to work? If you have a money problem, it’s yours.


Your budget isn’t the problem, your income is. If you’ve given up on it by playing games with budgets then you’re going to go broke. If you want to stay in the middle class and you need to keep watching the news, following the politicians and depending on the president to fix your money.

Can you attach yourself to new revenue? Only those people can make sales and increase their numbers to a livable wage. You need to know how to sell.

Stop blaming others. Money disappears. Your budget keeps going up.

Put 60% on the side. Make it sacred. Do not touch it, even if your mom is sick. If you want to put money aside for her, put it on top of that 60%.

Whatever you need to do to increase your income. That’s what you need to do.

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