Mindset is key for success. Without supportive belief systems backing you up, it’s easy to run into challenges that can make your mind spiral fast. These three mindset reframes will help you create powerful and practical habits in your business that make success much easier to attain.

Reframe #1: You’re Not Alone

Success is a community effort. It’s not done solo. When you take on all of the responsibilities in your business, you inadvertently create roadblocks to your success that don’t need to be there. In the beginning, it’s easy to fill every role. You play accountant, marketer, project manager, salesperson, administrative assistant, service provider, and more, just to make it all work. 

The key is making sure you don’t stay there too long by avoiding this one mistake. In the world of bootstrapping your business, it’s easy to look at all of the money coming into the business as income. But there’s a better way to view it that will serve your business long term. Instead of viewing the revenue (all of the money from the sales you make) your business is generating as personal income, start seeing it as change-my-life cash.

Change-my-life cash is all about using the dollars you earn to create more dollars and more freedom in your business. Chances are that you’re not that great at a few of the hats you’ve been wearing, and someone else would do that job much better than you.

When you take some of the money you earn in your business and invest it in brilliant team members, you make your job easier because now you can focus on what you’re really good at and what makes you money (instead of wasting time on things that are a time suck).

“Outsourcing is inevitable, and I don’t think it’s necessarily treating people like things.” – Stephen Covey

Here’s what happens when business owners try to go at it alone for too long — you hit an income ceiling because you haven’t had the time to put the systems in place to create more automation. That leads to working 60+ hour weeks (if you’re lucky), hustling and grinding your life away (without enough left over to even rent a movie on Prime with a $2.79 Kroger frozen pizza), feeling trapped and isolated.

It sounds like an exaggeration, but it happens all the time because of two mindsets: All the money I make in my business is my income and I can do it all on my own until I make more money. To avoid this trap (or redirect it if you’ve fallen prey to it), replace those beliefs with these success driven mindset reframes: My business thrives faster when I have help and I invest the cash my business makes wisely to make it grow.

Reframe #2: Speak It Into Being

Words have power. That’s why famous quotes can last for thousands of years. So when it comes to your business, your clients, your team members, and yourself, you want to speak with positivity instead of negativity. The truth is, there’s few things more repelling than negativity. It repels people, opportunities, success, money, and more. Why? It’s the energy of constriction.

When things are constricted, they’re limited. But a positive outlook, mindset, and language pattern will prepare you for expansiveness because it’s the energy of magnetism—meaning more opportunities, money, success, and people in your corner. In cultures around the world, you’ll hear the wise crones give this advice, “Speak what you want into being.” 

This is how neuroplasticity works. If you want your business and success to stall (or crash and burn in a blaze of not-so-glory), keep telling yourself how terrible you are, what a failure this will turn out to be, and how you can’t get anything right no matter how hard you try.

If you want your business to thrive, do this exercise: Write down 5 to 10 positive mantras to speak each morning (or if you’re feeling the gratitude movement, write down the things you are thankful for). Put your positive feelings behind these mantras. Let it be a whole body experience. The results will be a direct correlation of the intention and intensity you put into this exercise.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Winston Churchill

Reframe #3: Accept, Adapt, & Adjust Your Way To Success

Plans are great! That is, when you realize a plan is like using Waze when you’re driving cross country. The GPS will give you the best route, but there are extenuating circumstances beyond your control that will likely and unexpectedly reroute you.

The purpose of a plan is to generate an idea of how to reach a goal. The information you have available to you when you create your plan is limited at best. Those first few steps you take get you in motion, but accomplishing your goals is rarely ever the perfect progression you laid out. It’s vital that you learn to accept, adapt, and adjust your way to success.

The first step is accepting that change is inevitable, with a side of understanding that when things veer off course, it’s nothing personal. There are things involved beyond your control that are influencing your journey.

For example, if you had a goal to follow up with five people to hit your sales for the month, and the first person you called was rude and hung up on you—don’t take that personally. You have no idea what happened right before that call. They could’ve just discovered their spouse was cheating, someone they cared about passed away, or that their child was being bullied in school. That doesn’t exactly put someone in a talking mood.

If you took that personally, you could end up in an emotional tale spin, afraid to reach out to the next person. But if you’re maintaining your awareness, you might be able to follow up with your leads via text first to see if they’re free for a chat instead of calling first.

The destination is the key. The journey is always up for negotiation. The faster you adapt and pivot when things don’t go according to plan, the faster you’ll resolve issues, overcome challenges, and surpass your goals.

Which one of the above 3 mindset reframes resonated with you the most and why? Share your thoughts below!