Success is something we all love and want. It can also be massively allusive, and often when things seem tough, we feel that we have to persist in order to get the success we desire. If you have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, as I have many times, along with various other self-development books, then you will know that persistence is a big key to success. A great many personal development courses help install the knowledge that persistence is a key to success as well. But it can be seriously counterproductive, which very few people will ever tell you.

Why? For a start, being able to see things through is crucial when you are going after a goal or a dream. Ask any coach, or any entrepreneur who has achieved what they set out to. Things often get challenging, and the unexpected usually comes up. So persistence can be good. It can however also bog you down in something you would be better walking away from. And walking away can bring serious benefits in terms of actually achieving goals and dreams faster.

1. Allows you space to learn and adapt from your experiences

One of the 3 incredible reasons why walking away can bring greater success, is that it allows you space to process experience. When you are stuck in events, and they are unfolding around you, they tend to take over in your mind making things challenging from a point of learning. Being able to step back, or remove yourself entirely allows you to gain a far wider view of things.

Unless you are a Zen master, and are able to completely transcend the emotions, doubt and everything else that can fly around when things are going sideways, then creating space so you can gain the learning is crucial.

This is why a lot of coaches create a very different environment for their clients during sessions. It is also why a lot of people have breakthroughs during meditation sessions. Because they have at the very least been able to mentally, and emotionally, step away from situations.

2. Allows you room to process and release negative emotions

Negative emotions, anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt being the big 5, seriously cloud effectiveness. Beyond more than just day-to-day work, negative emotions cloud relationships. They bring questions to mind about dreams and goals, and trigger a descent into lower self-esteem, which brings various other issues.

While meditation and other personal development techniques can help with release, the cause of those negative emotions is either removed or negated, which means any release work just keeps you ticking over, rather than allowing you to move forward effectively. Walking away from a negative situation, allows you to process things in a way that can lead to happiness and real success.

3. Sends an unconscious signal to your mind that you deserve better

Perhaps one of the most important of the 3 incredible reasons why walking away can bring greater success, is that you are giving yourself a very solid signal that you deserve better. This is really important. Yes, persistence is important. Though banging your head on a wall does nothing productive for you.

Even when you’re walking away, you never have to give up. Just read that again and let it sink in. When you walk away from something, you have the opportunity to actually go and do things fresh. Sticking to something, just because you feel you have to persist is crazy. If you keep building on quicksand then it doesn’t matter how high you build, it’s always going to sink.

When you walk away from a negative, or unsupportive situation, then you have the opportunity to build in a better location. One where you can create solid, lasting results, that can measure up to your dreams.

And if you have to walk away again? Fine, you are refining that process of getting your location right. You giving your mindset clear indication that’s how things are, is unacceptable. You need to send your mind the message that you will only accept proper definition of your goals and dreams, and that compromise is unacceptable.

While compromise has its time and place, allowing for smoother flow, compromise also indicates to your unconscious mind that you are happy to accept less. Which it will happily continue to deliver for you.

Walking away can help you to achieve your success with far greater strength

When you bring together the way you can pick up learning, release negative emotions and stress more effectively, plus give yourself reinforcement over what you are truly wanting and creating in life, then you give yourself greater ability to create success, in the way you wish it.

Yes, think about whether walking away is going to be good for you in whatever situation is going on. Never be afraid of walking away though. It can empower you to actually create and have the life and success you want, and deserve.

Sometimes that business you started, or that partner you began dating, or that city you moved to, may have seemed right at first. It could well be that those things were just warming you up so you could gain something greater. Giving you a mechanism of feedback in the physical world that things in your mindset needed a tune-up.

With that following mindset change empowering you to actually create your vision fully, walking away never means failure, unless you give up. Walking away means that you are giving yourself the opportunity to start again, and do things better next time.