You have just created the most epic post that will hit your ideal client and trigger them to reach out to you. But before you hit post, your mind goes down the valley of negativity. Bringing up every worst-case scenario possible and instead of hitting post, you walk away. That is one of the many ways self-doubt is killing your motivation and confidence in your own abilities every single day. Not only you but thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

Here are 3 battle tested strategies that will help any entrepreneur stay motivated and confident no matter the situation:

1. Normalize self-doubt

Doubting yourself and your abilities don’t go away when you reach a certain level. It will always be there. A rapidly fast way to shift out of it is to understand it is a normal part of entrepreneurship. When you get into your head, you start to create this illusion of the problem being bigger than what it is. By the time you are done, you are crippled and frozen with anxiety.

I remember my 1st jump out of a perfectly good aircraft in the military. All night I couldn’t sleep and woke up in a cold sweat just thinking about it. With just 2 weeks of training under my belt, it came time to jump out and I did it. As I landed and looked around, I saw everyone just laughing and smiling about their experience. Since that 1st jump, it is has become a normal thought and pattern to just jump out of airplanes.

As you stand by the door of your perfectly safe aircraft with a parachute on your back and another reserve chute on your front, I guarantee all your worst thoughts of jumping out will leave you when you finally jump out.

2. Go ahead brag on yourself

This is a powerful yet simple task that can be used over and over again. Self-doubt causes us to forget just how amazing you are and all the accomplishments you have achieved. Take a piece of paper and list out all your accomplishments. No matter how small or big it is, write it down.

When self-doubt starts to creep back in, pull out that list and start to remind yourself who you are and all the accomplishments you have had. This one thing alone keeps me from falling into the valley of negativity. I keep a list of accomplishments in my wallet and in my journal that I revisit frequently.

“If you’re struggling with self-doubt, remind yourself of all the times you overcame what you did not know.” – Brendon Burchard

3. Get into the right environment

Being in an environment that forces you to rise up is more powerful than anything in the known world. When you are consistently around others that are raising the bar for themselves and attacking life fearlessly, you will naturally start to do the same.

You may be intimidated at first but hang around them long enough and you will be forced to naturally rise above any limit self-doubt places on you. Self-doubt can’t grow where the environment is built to produce action. Many great leaders like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dr. Myles Munroe, and Tony Robbins have said you are the average of your 5-7 friends. Within the right environment, self-doubt cannot grow because your environment will breed motivation and confidence in you consistently.

You can and will overcome self-doubt. Implement these battle-tested strategies immediately. Watch your battle with self-doubt become easier and you become more motivated and more confident in your abilities like never before.