You can always explore a new career or pick up a new skill set in your down time. Online classes are highly convenient and affordable ways to do exactly that.

Source: 34 online classes you can take and complete by the end of this year – Business Insider


If your dream of working for a tech startup or an investment bank wasn’t fully realized in college, it’s not to late for it to still come to fruition. You can always explore a new career or pick up a new skill set in your down time. Online classes are highly convenient and affordable ways to do exactly that.

They’re also great investments. Signing up for a $49 coding class won’t turn you into a Ruby on Rails or JavaScript expert overnight, but it can get you well on your way to landing a new and covetable position, and earning a higher paycheck.

The 34 classes below provide would-be students with comprehensive lectures, lessons, and test projects on a range of useful topics and in-demand services, from finance and web development. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Now’s as good a time as any to dive in.

Coding and Web Development

The Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle


Price:  $59   (Represents a 95% discount on original value of $1,036)

What’s in the bundle:  The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites, ‘Python Training: From Scratch to Penetration Tester’ Course, ‘Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Node.js, MongoDB & Express’ Course, ‘Build a Website from Scratch with HTML & CSS’ Course, ‘Ruby on Rails: Training & Skills to Build Web Applications’ Course, PHP ‘Punch in the Face’ Course, ‘Become a Heroku Rails Ninja’ Course, ‘Mobile & Web Rapid Prototyping – Interaction & Animation’ Course

Description: The more you can get to know the key programming languages that make up our beautiful Web, the greater your chances of landing a high-paying position will become. If you’ve picked up some coding chops already and are looking to make your ideas a little more actionable, this bundle provides a good and varied bridge from beginner- to intermediate-level abilities.

It’ll help sharpen your skills with major languages focused on both the front-end (like JavaScript) and the back-end (like PHP) of web development. Popular options like Python, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL are also highlighted. You’ll make games, image galleries, WordPress plug-ins, and other goodies along the way.
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Interactive Coding Bootcamp


Price:  $39   (Represents a 92% discount on original value of $499)

What’s in the bootcamp:  Extensive 12-week online program to learn to code

Description:  Coding is a very in-demand skill set in today’s job market, and employers are compensating individuals who possess it generously. The average salary for computer programmers is hitting an all-time high as it approaches $100,000. And this training is as robust as it gets, including live instruction and job-hunting assistance, on top of 33+ hours of video courses (some from Stanford, Harvard, etc.),. You can get started for just $39.
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Pure Python Hacker Bundle


Price:  $49   (Represents a 89% discount on original value of $454)

What’s in the bundle:  Python For Beginners Course, Algorithms, NP-Hard Puzzles, Clean, Fast and Functional Code, Program with Python Like A Pro, Learn The Ins & Outs of Python from An Expert Programmer, MatchMaker & Geolocator: Coding for Entrepreneurs Course, Introduction to Bash Scripting & Python 101

Description:  Python is the programming language of choice at companies like Google, Dropbox, and Pinterest. It’s also very beginner-friendly. The Pure Python Hacker Bundle will teach you Python from the ground up and takes you step-by-step through topics, like building geolocators and writing automated scripts. The six courses are will provide the real world, hands-on experience you’ll need to create your own user-friendly apps.
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Jam-Packed JavaScript Bundle

medium_1425_JamPackedJS_MF Bundle2StackSocial

Price:  $39   (Represents a 91% discount on original value of $474)

What’s in the bundle:  10-Step JavaScript Course, Web Dev with Java: A Complete & Practical Course, JavaScript from The Ground Up, Coding with BackboneJS & Bootstrap CSS Course, Comprehensive JavaScript Programming Course, Programming in JavaScript for Entrepreneurs, Introduction to Web Development Course

Description:   The average salary value of JavaScript stands at an impressive $91,416. For newcomers to the programming language, there’s Udemy’s comprehensive, seven-course bundle. You’ll learn how to add automation, animations, and interactivity to webpages, and much, much more along the way.
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Python Programming Pro Bundle


Price:  $29   (Represents a 84% discount on original value of $192)

What’s in the bundle:  Data Analysis With Python and Pandas, Learn Python Django From Scratch, Python Web Programming, Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib, Python Programming for Beginners, Python Game Development—Create a Flappy Bird Clone

Description:  This is a beginner-friendly six-pack of classes covering all things Python, starting with the basics before leading into more involved processes. Once you get the hang of the essentials, you’ll learn how to create a Python-based site from scratch, how to make MySQL databases, how to use Python to organize and manipulate chunks of data, and how to put together a crude “Flappy Bird”-style game, among other things.
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Coding 101 Bundle

9k= 3StackSocial

Price:  $49   (Represents a 99% discount on original value of $6,602)

What’s in the bundle:  Introduction to Web Development, jQuery for Beginners, iOS Development for Beginners, HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap, C Programming for Beginners, Python for Beginners, JavaScript for Beginners, HTML & CSS for Beginners

Description:  Every budding web developer has to start somewhere, and theCoding 101 Bundle provides a good primer for beginners. It provides you with eight comprehensive courses filled with lectures, lessons and, test projects that are applicable to both mobile and more traditional, desktop environments. It doesn’t cover more advanced topics (again, this bundle is targeted to newcomers), but it will teach you the fundamentals of web development in general and several key programming languages — Python and JavaScript, to name a couple.
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Java Developer Course Bundle

screen shot 2015 04 10 at 10 35 34 amStackSocial

Price:  $39   (Represents a 86% discount on original value of $291)

What’s in the bundle:  Beginner Java Essentials for Android Course, Dynamic Website Building with Java Course, Java Spring Framework Course, Java Data Structures & Algorithms Course, All-Level Java Swing Course

Description:  Java is one of the most sought after and highest payingprogramming languages around. If you’re looking for a pay bump, we suggest the Developer Course package. The bundle features hundreds of lectures and hours of videos that’ll tech you how to write algorithms, create interactive websites, and then some.
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Ruby On Rails Rookie-to-Rockstar Bundle

2015 09 08 image 7StackSocial

Price:  $49   (Represents a 92% discount on original value of $631)

What’s in the bundle:  The Startup’s Guide to Web Development with Ruby On Rails Course, Ruby On Rails for Beginners, Learn Ruby On Rails from Scratch Course, Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery Course, Create & Deploy A Web App In 3-Hours Course, ‘Become a Heroku Rails Ninja’ Course

Description:  Ruby on Rails is the language powering many of the web applications you visit daily. You’ll get a comprehensive education in it with this bundle from Udemy, which includes courses on developing and launching web apps, getting started with Heroku, and moving on to advanced Ruby programming.
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Infinite Skills MYSQL 5 Course


Price:  $19   (Represents a 80% discount on original value of $99)

What’s in the bundle:  Over 91 lectures and 6.5 hours of content

Description:  Pretty much every major site and platform stores data in a relational database, so learning how to maintain a healthy one is a good idea. MySQL is a particularly popular database system, and this course shows you the ropes, from the basics of programming in SQL to building your own database from scratch.
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Hot Java Android Coding Bundle

medium_2495_HotJavaAndroidBundle_MF MAIN_update1StackSocial

Price:  $25   (Represents a 95% discount on original value of $657)

What’s in the bundle:  Learn Android Lollipop Development (& Marshmallow!), The Complete Java Developer Course, Learn How to Reskin, Upload & Publish an Android Game, Play Framework Development with Java, Reskin Games for App Stores—No Coding Required

Description:  Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, and Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, so it doesn’t take much imagination to see how an aspiring app developer would want to know how to code with Java on Android. If you’re that kind of would-be coder, this bundle may be of interest of you. Like some of the other bundles we’ve highlighted, the $29 set includes a diverse, largely video-based series of online courses that are largely aimed at beginners.
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eduCBA Tech Training Bundle


Price:  $49   (Represents a 97% discount on original value of $2,299)

What’s in the bundle:  Access to 500+ courses in the IT/Tech section at eduCBA

Description:  If you’re looking for tech-based classes, but you’re not beholden to just coding or just graphic design, pick this up. The $49 purchase grants you lifetime over 500 courses, which run the gamut from information technology and software development to programming, computer-aided design, and coding. There are many, many more topics to study beyond what we’ve listed here.
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Coding for Entrepreneurs Bundle

2Q== 2StackSocial

Price:  $39   (Represents a 94% discount on original value of $713)

What’s in the bundle:  30 Days of Swift: Learn the Basics & Build an iOS App, Getting Started with 3D Printing Course, Core: A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python & More, Try Django—Learn the #1 Python Framework for Web Apps, Create an Online Marketplace & Daily Deals Website, Python Programming: Build a Matchmaking Website & Geolocator, Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django & More

Description:  If you are looking to make your ideas more actionable (without using third-party platforms, like WordPress and MoveableType), the Coding for Entrepreneurs Bundle will help you gain the technological skills you’ll need to lay the groundwork for them. The $39 bundle provides you with seven comprehensive courses filled with lectures, lessons and, test projects that are applicable to both mobile and more traditional, desktop environments. In it, you’ll learn some basic code (Python, Django, HTML, and CSS), the fundamentals of 3D modeling and automation, how to integrate APIs into your sites, and much more along the way.
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Ultimate CMS Hacker Bundle


Price:  $34.99   (Represents a 90% discount on original value of $357)

What’s in the bundle:  WordPress for Beginners, Joomla 3 Beginner Course, Joomla 3 Template Design Course, WordPress Theme Design, Drupal 7 for Beginners Course, Drupal 7 Intermediate Course, WordPress Security Course

Description:  A content management system, or CMS, is the backbone of most of the websites you read on a daily basis. It’s the interface through which all of the content you see on sites like this one is entered, organized, modified, and generally made accessible. Naturally, if you plan to design your own website, it’s something you’ll want to know how to manage. The Ultimate CMS Hacker Bundle of seven classes can help with that.

You’ll start off with the basics, learning how to properly format your content and use things like widgets and plug-ins, then move on to creating your own custom theme from scratch and giving yourself extra protection from potential security threats. The Udemy classes normally range from $37 to $69 individually, but here the whole set is available for $35.
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All-Inclusive iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course Bundle

original_2465_ios9swift2course_mf mainStackSocial

Price:  $49   (Represents a 87% discount on original value of $398)

What’s in the bundle:  Complete iOS 9 Developer Course, Bonus: Complete iOS 8 & Swift Course

Description:  Taking an online course like those in the All-Inclusive iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course Bundle is one quick and helpful way for beginner coders to get started on their app building plans. The bundle is currently available for $50 on StackSocial, down from its original combined price point of $398, and includes more than 50 hours of teachings on developing for both iOS 9 and iOS 8.
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Finance and Business

‘Wall Street Training’ Course Bundle: Lifetime Subscription


Price:  $89   (Represents a 86% discount on original value of $650)

What’s in the bundle:  Basic & Fundamental Concepts: Accounting & Beginner Finance Course Package, Core Fundamental Concepts: Financial Modeling & Valuation Course Package, Excel Fundamentals for the Finance Professional Course

Description:  If you’re vying for an entry- or junior-level position at a top investment bank, like JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, or Morgan Stanley, eagerness and even having the right skill set will not guarantee you a spot. With an admission rate of about 4%, these first-tier analyst programs make getting into Harvard undergrad look easy by comparison. This bundle is an excellent overview for anyone considering the career track. Simply taking these classes won’t land you your dream job on Wall Street, but they will get you up to speed with some of the vital routines and terminology you’ll need to be familiar with if you ever want to get a foot in the door.
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Build-A-Startup Course Bundle


Price:  $29   (Represents a 96% discount on original value of $738)

What’s in the bundle:  First Steps to Building A Tech Company, Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django & More, Sales & Persuasion Skills for Startups Course, Project Management Course, Startup Sales Course, LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs Course, Startup Marketing & Public Relations Course

Description:  When it comes to building a company or managing a group, it’s probably not a good idea to wing it. If you are in (or aspire to be in) a managerial position, you’ll want to understand the ins and outs of running a business. We recommend checking out this bundle, which should be helpful in teaching you how to tackle all the major hurdles — everything from coding to sales.

The bundle is called the “Build-a-startup”, but the courses are applicable to any entrepreneur, business owner, or project manager.
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Investment Banking Training Bundle

9k= 2StackSocial

Price:  $39   (Represents a 97% discount on original value of $1,499)

What’s in the bundle:  Part 1: Investment Banking Training (26 Courses, 150+ Hours), Part 2: Advanced Investment Banking Modeling Training (20 Courses, 150+ Hours), Part 3: Investment Banking Add-ons (13 Courses, 70+ Hours), Part 4: Investment Banking Foundation Courses (23 Courses, 100+ Hours), Part 5: Soft Skills for Investment Bankers (17 Courses, 40+ Hours)

Description:  This $39 bundle is a comprehensive and cost-effective tool to consider if you’re hoping to secure a highly competitive role in an investment bank (and the six-figure salary that generally accompanies it). The 99 lessons and 500 hours of video training included aim to get you familiar with a range of topics — figuring out how to forecast the direction of market prices and mastering financial modeling, among other things. It also delves into more tedious projects on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
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Corporate Bridge Business Courses: Lifetime Subscription

Z 2StackSocial

Price:  $69   (Represents a 88% discount on original value of $585)

What’s in the bundle:  Unlimited access to 1200+ courses in finance, investment banking, business, IT, marketing, oracle, and more

Description:  For $69, you can pick up alifetime subscription to eduCBA, a comprehensive e-learning site with well over 1,000 video-based courses. Its offerings run the gamut from digging into iOS app development, to getting familiar with investment banking, to learning how to get the most out of Microsoft Excel. There are many, many more beyond that. The site has free and annual subscription tiers, but lifetime access currently goes for $319. That makes this a solid deal.
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Intro to Financial Trading Course

2Q== 1StackSocial

Price:  $5   (Represents a 96% discount on original value of $129)

What’s in the bundle:  3 live courses to boost your trading knowledge

Description:  Even if you didn’t fully kick-start your finance career in college, there are tons of online tools that can help you take your first steps toward getting in the game. This is one of them. This Intro to Financial Trading Course consists of 3 live classes, which’ll delve into how global markets work, the mechanics of trading and investing, and the theory behind supply and demand, among other things. You can access the recordings at any time, for up to 1 month, after the entire course ends.
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Academy of Financial Trading Course


Price:  $19   (Represents a 97% discount on original value of $650)

What’s in the course:  10 lessons on financial trading

Description:  This award-winning bundle from Shaw Academy has 10 in-depth lessons on financial training that’ll teach you basic terminology and eventually graduate to more advanced topics, like risk management and protecting your capital. There are video tutorials, interactive webinars, and one-on-one evaluations included, too.
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Wall Street Training Certification Bundle

Z 1StackSocial

Price:  $149   (Represents a 75% discount on original value of $600)

What’s in the bundle:  Accounting & Financial Statement Integration Course + Certification, Company Overview, Basic Financial Modeling Course + Certification, M&A Deal Structuring, Accretion Dilution Modeling Course + Certification

Description:  This pack of classes aim to get you familiar with a range of topics — figuring out how track data more efficiently in Microsoft Excel and attaining a better sense of the figures typically involved in company mergers and financial statements, among other things.

Taking these classes isn’t going to magically score you your dream job on Wall Street. What this can do, however, is get you up to speed with some of the vital routines and terminology you’ll need to be familiar with if you ever want to get a foot in the door.
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MBA Business Skills Bundle

2Q== 2StackSocial

Price:  $59   (Represents a 96% discount on original value of $1,750)

What’s in the bundle:  Strategy & Business Models, Finance for Non-Finance Professionals, Business Writing, Leadership & Management, Communication Influence & Teams, Business Analysis, Project Management

Description:  This won’t be a full-on MBA substitute, but it gives you more than 100 hours of courses that’ll get you acquainted with the variety of skills you’ll want for your entrepreneurial career. Those courses cover everything from basic finance concepts to project management techniques to tips on writing with more structure and authority. Along the way you’ll learn how to properly analyze and present data, how to better communicate with different types of coworkers, and how to generally adapt a business model to today’s market.

Each of the 7 included classes normally goes for $250 on e-learning site Skillsology, but StackSocial currently has them all for $59.
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Wall Street Survivor: Lifetime Subscription


Price:  $99   (Represents a 90% discount on original value of $999)

What’s in the bundle:  Access to every course available on WallStreetSurvivor.comfor life

Description:  Investing and trading can lead to a quick buck, but it helps to know what you’re doing. If you fancy taking on the challenge, the Wall Street Survivor course will teach you all you need to know: The ins and outs of the stock market are covered in depth; there’s also ample material on more everyday forms of money management, such as budgeting and purchasing your own real estate.

The courses are delivered via a mix of text and visuals, and practical exercises are also provided to help you hone your newly found skills.
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Internet Marketing Mastery Bundle

medium_2492_InternetMarketingBundle_MF MAINStackSocial

Price:  $29   (Represents a 98% discount on original value of $2,034)

What’s in the bundle:  4 Courses: Social Media Marketing, 4 Courses: SEO & Video Marketing, 4 Courses: Email Marketing & Growth Tactics

Description:  If you want to make the most of your opportunities on social media, you may want to consider registering for an online course or two. This bundle has twelve courses in total, which are split into three sections. In the first four courses, you’ll learn how to utilize channels, like Facebook and Pinterest, to target potential customers and generate sales. The next two sections go a bit deeper: You’ll learn how to optimize your sites and videos for search and produce a successful email strategy, among other things.
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YouTube Mastery Bundle


Price:  $29   (Represents a 98% discount on original value of $1,595)

What’s in the bundle:  ‘YouTube Secrets: Thumbnails & Graphics’ Course, ‘How to Promote Your Business on YouTube’ Course, ‘How I Make $2000 a Month on YouTube With No Filming’ Course, The Complete YouTube Channel Course: Get Paid to Make Videos, ‘YouTube Secrets & Myths – By YouTube Certified Instructor’ Course

Description:  Many companies are investing heavily in video content since it’s one of the easiest ways to generate viral growth. An online tutorial like the YouTube Master Bundle, will help you get into the video game, too. Its five courses will teach you how to better promote and monetize videos on the platform via SEO optimization, Google AdWords, and eye-catching thumbnail images.
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‘Start Your Own Business’ Bundle

Z 4.56.41 PMStackSocial

Price:  $59   (Represents a 96% discount on original value of $1,485)

What’s in the bundle:  Start Your Own Business, Business + Everyday Math, Sales Course, Marketing Analytics, Strategy + Business Models, Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses, Twitter Marketing for Small Businesses

Description:  Going into business for yourself is no small resolution, and it’s not something most people are willing to sacrifice a comfortable job and stable income for on a whim.

If, after careful consideration, you’ve decided to forge ahead, we recommend purchasing a few online courses in sales, social media marketing, analytics, and even everyday math to help you navigate the new waters you’ll soon find yourself in. This bundle covers all of these topics and more in seven comprehensive courses.
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Administration and Productivity

Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle

cultofmac MasterMicrosoftOfficeBundle_MF MAINStackSocial

Price:  $49   (Represents a 96% discount on original value of $1,559)

What’s in the bundle:  Microsoft Excel Course, Advanced Microsoft Excel Course, Microsoft PowerPoint Course, Microsoft Word Course, Effective Outlook Course, PivotTable Course, SharePoint Course

Description:  Despite the rising popularity of Google Drive and other competing applications, Microsoft Office is still the bread and butter of the corporate world. So a thorough understanding of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, (and to a lesser extend, Outlook and Access) can only stand to benefit you at work.

This bundle includes seven courses that’ll teach you how to create a wide array of charts ranging from pivots to maps on Excel and link and manage different email account in Outlook, among many other useful things. (Note: You’ll need to have MS Office installed on your computer in order to complete the instruction.)
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Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp


Price:  $35   (Represents a 95% discount on original value of $809)

What’s in the bundle:  Course 1: Microsoft Excel Course, Course 2: Advanced Microsoft Excel Course, Course 3: Business Analysis, Course 4: Pivot Table Course

Description:  This $35 primer aims to get you comfortable with a range of topics via four comprehensive courses. Its starter ‘Microsoft Excel Course’ will familiarize you with simple tasks, like sorting and filtering data and configuring charts and graphs. You’ll then proceed to three advanced courses — ‘Advanced Microsoft Excel’, ‘Business Analysis’ and ‘Pivot Table’ — that cover more complicated functions, like automating spreadsheets, forecasting data, formatting pivot tables and finding values within your spreadsheet with Vlookup, among other things.

When all is said and done, you should have a much better understanding of Microsoft Excel and its multitudinous uses in the workplace.
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Microsoft Excel Immersion: From Novice To Ninja


Price:  $29   (Represents a 94% discount on original value of $497)

What’s in the bundle:  Course 1: Microsoft Excel – Basic (24 Lessons), Course 2: Microsoft Excel – Advanced (25 Lessons), Course 3: Pivot Tables – From Novice to Ninja (36 Lessons)

Description:  If you want to work in finance, you need to know your way around an Excel spreadsheet. This GoSkills online course will start by familiarizing you with simpler tasks, like sorting and filtering data and creating charts, and advance to more complicated functions, like formatting pivot tables and finding values within your spreadsheet with VLOOKUP.
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Project Management Certification Bundle

project managementStackSocial

Price:  $79   (Represents a 97% discount on original value of $3,188)

What’s in the bundle:  Project Management Basics, Project Management for Team Members, Project Management for Business Professionals, Project Management for Engineers, Project Management for Experts, Project Management Professionals (PMP) Prep

Description:  Project management sounds like a straightforward gig, but it isn’t something just anyone can pick up and do effectively. If you’re interested in the field, this is an opportunity to get started. Priced at $79, it includes six courses that aim to help beginners understand what goes into being a project manager, with classes focused on working with a team, properly keeping track of resources, evaluating project risk, and working with specific types like engineers and business professionals. There are more than 200 lessons in total, and along the way you’ll earn credits for an eventual PMI (that’s Project Management Institute) certification.
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Microsoft Office Career Advancement & Certification Bundle


Price:  $29   (Represents a 98% discount on original value of $2,799)

What’s in the bundle: 9 courses and 7 simulation exams to prep for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2010 & CompTIA A+ certifications

Description:  If you’re looking for a comprehensive tutorial on MS Suite or just a refresher on more complicated tasks, this can prove helpful. It courses will prepare students for a Microsoft Office Certification (MOS) in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook and a CompTIA A+ certification — the latter is useful for those with IT support jobs. If you’re working toward a career where these sorts of certifications are required or will help you stand out in a large applicant pool, this will be $29 well spent.
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Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle

screen shot 2015 10 02 at 11.01.54 amStackSocial

Price:  $19   (Represents a 93% discount on original value of $278)

What’s in the bundle:  Amazon Web Services Certified Developer – Associate Level, Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect – AL

Description:  Companies like Google and Dropbox have some of the best cloud services out there. If you’re interested in breaking into the field, you can purchase theAmazon Web Services Certification Bundlefor $19. It includes two beginner-friendly classes covering all things Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s, no surprise, at the forefront of this technology), starting with the basics before leading into more involved applications and an eventual CSA (that’s Certified Solutions Architect) certification.
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Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle

2Q== 1StackSocial

Price:  $39   (Represents a 97% discount on original value of $1,699)

What’s in the bundle: Lifetime access to 130+ courses

Description:  If you want work for a website’s business intelligence and analytics team, you need to be able to analyze an abundance of online data effectively. Corporate Bridge’s Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle can help you get started. The bundle comes with over 130 data and analytics courses — covering Oracle setups, the data-specific R programming language, and SAS database management — used in these types of roles. There’s also plenty to learn about the products of Pinnacle.
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CompTIA IT Certification Bundle


Price:  $49   (Represents a 95% discount on original value of $1,077)

What’s in the bundle:  Course 1: CompTIA A+ 220-801, Course 2: CompTIA A+ 220-802, Course 3: CompTIA Network+, Course 4: CompTIA Security+

Description:  If you’re looking to move into the IT — or information technology — field quickly and successfully, this bundle can come in handy. It comes with four relatively comprehensive courses that are applicable to both mobile and more traditional environments, and that are geared to help you prep for the CompTIA A+ certification exam (a powerful credential in the IT world). It won’t you into an IT pro overnight, but it will help sharpen your skills in areas like networking, security, and preventative maintenance, and bolster your resume in the process. That’ll be $49 well spent for some.
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