Have you ever wondered why quotes have become so popular nowadays? They are literally everywhere: billboards, social media, etc. The secret to inspirational quotes is in the motivation they bring to our lives. These sayings from famous people, successful entrepreneurs, and politicians have a positive effect on our mood and help us to stay motivated. Some quotes can even inspire us to do something we would never have previously dared to do.

But…do they really matter or are they just fashionable? First, inspirational quotes are good for brainstorming. When you’re trying to find a solution to a tough situation, writing a college essay, or simply searching for ideas for your next Facebook post, a good quote may steer you in a direction you haven’t thought of yet.

Second, most quotes are said or written by people who are successful in their lives and have achieved great heights. Their reputation gives you a reason to believe in these words. When you read quotes from someone who inspires you and who is an authority figure for you, you get a dose of motivation that can encourage action.

Third, inspirational quotes help you focus on results rather than the process. The sayings of famous people capture your imagination. They offer bite-sized creativity and take little time to read (unless you spend all day swiping your Instagram feed).

Fourth, motivational sayings help you to stay positive. They can even help offset feelings of sadness.

In the infographic below, you will find 46 inspirational quotes by social media influencers, young entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and TED speakers that will inspire you.  Check them out!

inspirational quotes from influencers