They say life is too short to live with regrets, and this is applicable to everyone. Unfortunately, only a few people live by this philosophy. If you ask why – the answer is people are too afraid to pursue their dreams.

People, over the years, have buried their ambitions because they are too afraid to try. No wonder most people in today’s world hate their jobs. There are plenty of individuals who have thought of starting their own businesses but have always taken a step back because of intimidation. Surprisingly, it’s not an isolated incident. People across the globe are afraid to start their ventures.

Here are 6 fears that are keeping you from starting your own business:

1. Not knowing where to start

The problem with most entrepreneurs is that they don’t know where they should start. This is one of the reasons that stop them from launching their own business venture. Even if they find the courage to take the risk and begin a business of their own, it does not end well in most cases.

It is recommended that you should consult an established entrepreneur. Since the person is already familiar with the various aspects of entrepreneurship, he/she can provide you with enough insight about the startup culture and tell you where you can start your journey as an entrepreneur. You will still have to make a significant amount of effort to be successful, but at least you will know that you are on the right track.

2. Receiving criticism for your idea

A lot of people are not willing to work on their startup idea because they are afraid of what people are going to say. The fear of criticism is real, and over the years, it has made thousands of people give up their dreams of doing something extraordinary. Just because a person has ridiculed your idea does not mean it is trash.

Before you can start your journey as an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to filter people’s opinions. Some people are going to criticize you no matter what. Because of this, your job is to focus solely on your work.

“Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

3. The fear of failure

Overcoming the fear of failure is perhaps the most challenging task for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. No matter how many preparations you make, there’s no way ignoring the fact that more than 50 percent of the startups shut down within the first four years of being a business.

While most people consider the fear of failure as the biggest challenge, it can also be seen as an opportunity to better yourself. There is no bigger motivation than the fear of failure. If you are able to channel that motivation into positive efforts, setting up a startup will only be a matter of time.

4. Not receiving the funds

For the sustenance of a business, you need three things – an idea to start a business, manpower to execute the idea and significant amount of funds to ensure all the operations are proceeding as planned. Unfortunately, the third element is the hardest one to come by. Most people cannot start their venture due to the lack of funds.

It’s ok to be a bit skeptical about the funding, but you won’t know the real worth of your idea unless you approach investors. The chances are that you won’t get approval in the first few attempts, but you need to keep trying. Approach different venture capitalists with your idea and work on your presentation. If your idea is unique and brilliant, it will be recognized.

5. Not seeing significant ROI in the sector

If your business idea serves a field that is not very popular in today’s society, there are chances that you will hear a lot of negative comments about it. If there is no return on investment in the area you are planning to operate in, it will be really difficult to convince the investors to spend money on such an idea. If you also believe that there is no ROI in the chosen sector, then it is ideal to scrap that idea and come up with another idea that assures one’s ROI.

However, if you believe the idea is going to work and it may also generate significant ROI over time, then you need to think of other ways to convince the investors to make an investment on your project.

“How long should you try? Until.” – Jim Rohn

6. Being afraid of taking risks

Good ideas can come from anyone. It does not always have to be a Harvard student or any tech guy in a turtleneck to come up with a billion-dollar idea. Even an average person can start a venture (which has happened before) and set examples. But sadly not everyone has the guts to get out of their comfort zone.

You need to understand one simple thing, if you continue to do the things that you usually do, you will end up receiving the same results that you have been receiving for the past few years. No one has ever achieved anything great by playing it safe. So if you are willing to lead a prosperous life, you need to make the hard call and get out of your comfort zone.

Starting your own business can actually be quite intimidating if you don’t have any experience of running a business, however, you need to start somewhere to reach the goal you have set for yourself. So it is wise to take the leap of faith and start the venture you have been planning. If it works, you will be closer to your goal, and if it does not, you can at least learn from it and make a better attempt next time.

Which one of these fears resonates most with you, and how do you plan on overcoming it? Let us know in the comments below!