Australian Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor and Speaker Andrew Griffiths joined me on the Addicted2Success podcast to share his insights into what it takes to be a kick ass entrepreneur.

Andrew has build million dollar businesses, coached business owners to reach massive levels of success, written 12 best selling books and has spoken on 100’s of stages around the world.

Andrew is also a top featured author at Inc. and loves sharing his experiences and life lessons with as many people as possible.

Checkout this Addicted2Success podcast to discover the fundamentals of entrepreneurship from the man himself, Andrew Griffiths.


1. Don’t listen to the naysayers

Most of his friends in the marketing world told him not to write a book. You have to ignore the naysayers and still do what you want to do. The first book was written and got published and it was successful around the world. Since then he kept writing books and became successful.


2. Have a vision

Find out your why to get out of the bed in the morning. Check in with your purpose on a regular basis. Sometimes your vision changes and you need to find out your why again.

When your purpose changes you have to redefine your purpose every day.


3. Common mistakes entrepreneurs make

You have to make it work and entrepreneurs these days have it much easier to walk away from a business. Entrepreneurs are impatient and entrepreneurs stop before their business becomes successful. Entrepreneurs have to niche down and own that space and if you do that everything comes your way.

Another mistake entrepreneurs make is they don’t embrace storytelling in their business. Consumers want to know the person that is behind the business.

For example: entrepreneurs have to ask themselves, What floats your boat as an accountant? Get better at telling your story. Entrepreneurs have to be different and stand out. 



4. Adversity is an opportunity

Adversity is an opportunity. Identify future dramas and figure out how you will react to the disaster and how you will come out stronger as a result of that. How can your company be even better as a result of that disaster? Not change, but evolve and survive better in the new environment. Entrepreneurs are calculated risk takers. “If I lost $50,000  when I was 20 years old and I knew somewhere down the line it was an investment in the future because that will save me a fortune down the line.” – Andrew Griffiths


5. Fundamental philosophies

Have a high level of integrity and never harm your reputation. Reputation will feed you. Be very careful who you partner up with. Your brand is part of you. Be hugely respectful with people. Be in constant improvement. Be sowing seeds for the future. Be patient for the long term. Have an extraordinary network.

Help people get what they want and you will get what  you want.


6. Master empathy

Put yourself in the shoes of other people. It’s not about you, but how you can help the people listening to you. From a public speaking speech or a podcast interview, how can you help the audience you are providing a service for? You are serving the audience. Ask how can I help these people?


Andrew’s Book Recommendations: