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Yo yo yo! Been coming across a ton of cool freakin’ events & courses going on in our money world, and thought you’d want to hear about them. (And hopefully participate!)

They span all kinds of areas from killing debt, amassing savings, leveling up your biz/hustle, a financial road trip!, and my own personal favorite – a new $$$ book club on the scene 🙂

They’re all listed below (in order of start date), and they’re all awesome.

Whip out those spectacles and calendars, friends… it’s go time!

#1. Savvy Solopreneur Series (Monday, March 28th)

savvy solopreneur event

This is the only one I’m personally a part of, but I think it’s super helpful to anyone looking to start up a hustle or amp the one they’re already rocking. And will be especially good for those trying to really just *figure it all out* and find that project they can get super excited about and harness their passions!

It’s put together by entrepreneur coach Karen Kalis, and hits your inbox as a series of emails embedded with helpful tips and interviews by over 20 “thought leaders” across different fields. My personal interview is featured on March 30th where I talk about the importance of the “why” and other entrepreneurial/motivational aspects. Check it out! 🙂

It’s completely FREE, and you can register for it here: Savvy Solopreneur: How to Discover Your Purpose, Find Your Passion and Define Your Niche So You Can Create a Business and Life You Love.

#2. #BanishTheBalance Finance Challenge (Monday, April 4th)

banish the balance challenge

This is an epic challenge by Tonya from, and is an 8-week initiative designed to teach you how to pay down debt, end the habitual cycle of debt, and finally become debt-free (woo!).

Here’s how it’ll go down each week:

  1. Get clear. Get honest. Calculate your debt.
  2. Explore debt repayment strategies and determine your options
  3. Re-claiming self. How to remain confident and grounded during financial hardships
  4. Debunking debt myths
  5. Finding and earning more money to pay off existing debt
  6. Understanding good debt vs. bad debt
  7. How to overcome spending triggers
  8. What to do when the debt is paid

This challenge is 100% free and you can sign up here:

#3. The #PFbookchat Book Club! (All Summer)

pf book chat club

This beautiful gem comes from the mind of Amanda of, and is in the early stages of getting the members together and picking the books to kick it off. The plan is to read one financial book each month over the Summer (May, June, July, August), and then at the end of each month hop on Twitter to discuss them all (using the hashtag #pfbookchat of course).

If you’d like to join and be a part of it all, follow their new Pinterest board @, and then submit any good $$ books you think the club should start with. Once the details are finalized Amanda will reach out to everyone and get the party started! There’s already 130 followers to the page, so it could get rowdy 😉

More info can also be found on her blog:

#4. The Road to Financial Wellness 2016 (June 7th – Sep 21st)

road to financial freedom

My man Jason from Phroogal is at it again! Last year he completed a “30 events in 30 days” epic road trip, and this summer he doubles up on a mission to hit all 50 states in the Union. All a part of his goal to break the social taboo about money and turn local discussions into a national conversation on financial well being.

Each of these “pit stops” promises the following:

  • 150-200 attendees
  • Books signing with author, Jason Vitug and others.
  • Food, drinks and giveaways.
  • Engaging conversations, networking and memories.

To participate and find out when they hit up YOUR state, click here:

#5. #FinCon16 (Sep 21st-24th)


Our yearly blogging conference hosted by none other than Phil Taylor of 🙂

If you’ve ever wanted to start a $$ blog, or help grow your already launched blog (or even just hang out with $$$ bloggers!) this is the place to be. I’ve been to every single one so far going on 6 years, and it’s hands down my favorite event of the year.

Their website says it all:

On September 21-24, 2016 an energetic community of money media nerds will descend on San Diego, CA for a weekend of connecting and learning. Will you be there?  Attendees connect with others in the community, learn to create, promote, and profit from compelling online content, and discover new trends in personal finance and investing.

Some of the speakers this year are Clark Howard, Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, Kathy Kristoff, Michael Kitces, Jennifer Barrett and a good 40-50 of some of your favorite personal finance bloggers around.

You can read all about it here (not free, but def. worth the money):

#6. Live Richer Challenge (Ongoing)

live richer challenge

Lastly, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” continues rocking her “Live Richer Challenge” – a free online financial challenge created to help women collectively achieve their savings goals in 22 days. Since launching it, over 80,000 women worldwide have joined and they’re on their way to saving more than $10 Million this year alone. Incredible!

Tiff has been BLOWING UP in our community, and rightfully so. Huge heart, crazy smart, and just genuinely wants to help as many people as she can get their money on lock and live a better – “richer” – life. Highly recommend checking her out if you haven’t already.

You can read her blog @, and learn more about the Live Richer Challenge over at

And there you go! All kinds of ways to keep you busy and financially healthy this spring & summer 🙂

What do you think – any you wanna jump in and join? Any I miss that you’re already participating in?

As always, gotta keep on trying out new things and experimenting until this stuff *clicks*… We never have any shortage of ideas over here, that’s for sure, haha…

Be good out there, y’all… or not!

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