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Description: It is often tough to think of ways to get motivated, especially when you are having a bad day, but this guide will provide you with seven ways that really work wonders for your motivation. These rules are easy to follow and can help you today.

Motivation is one of those elusive words and strange things to think about. Sometimes you can feel motivated and on other days really won’t want to do anything. A lot of people have developed real and effective practical solutions to increase motivation that actually work. Let’s have a look at seven different ways you can get motivated today.

1. Framing Work In a Different Way

When you don’t feel like working hard, don’t think of work as being something hard. Your mind is fickle, so convince yourself that work isn’t as grueling as you think. You can make yourself think that work is easy instead of having to stress over the difficulties of your day. Don’t destroy your own mind by overthinking about the stress of work. You need to overcome your problems and start thinking positively in order to find ways to get motivated.

2. Ways to Get Motivated: Break Things Down

Goals should be like chocolates – digestible, small and easy. Of course, you should have great and grandiose aspirations if you like, but in your day-to-day time, try and break things down. One large goal can be dissected into several smaller achievements, allowing your mind to process things clearly. As you begin to tick off these achievements then you will notice that you’re making progress instead of falling behind and this will motivate you to continue.

3. Reading Helps You

Scientific research out there shows the benefits of reading for improving motivation. Try to carve out some amount of time in your daily routine to read. You needn’t attend a get motivated seminar, just do some basic reading. If you can’t fit in anything significant, begin with 10 minutes and work your way up. If you can make your reading habit fun and reward then this will help clear your mind and keep you more motivated throughout the day.

4. Don’t Let Things Get To You

A lot of mental energy can be used inappropriately. If you look at your to-do list, try and work around the things that are not the priority. For the next hour do you really need to play at one of the online game or can it wait till later? Remove as many of the things you don’t care so much about from the list. In this way, you can stay a lot more motivated, working on the activities and tasks that are inherently meaningful to you.

5. A Time To Simmer Down

You can’t work all day, so it is important to recognize when you need to take time out. Set a realistic time for you to quit and stick to it throughout the week. One great thing to do in the workplace is to stop answering your phone and emails by a certain time. Create your own schedule and time to relax because otherwise, you’ll soon realize that you can’t get motivated.

6. A Word From Nike

Everybody knows that when you need to start doing something, just do it. One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself is to jump into the task as quickly as possible. Try and train yourself not to think about other distractions. You can’t spend all day internally debating with yourself as to how to get motivated – now is the time to just do it.

7. Take Pride In Yourself

In order to develop self-confidence and ultimately motivation, don’t forget to acknowledge everything good that you are doing. Pride yourself in any achievements, even if they are small and may seem insignificant to you. By doing this you will develop a habit of self-praise which will contribute towards your motivation.

Final Words

Motivation is something that has to be fostered, but with these 7 tips above, you’ll feel more eager to work towards your goals. Keep trying, keep staying motivated. You’ll do the best you can.

Have you ever found it difficult to motivate yourself? Do you have any thoughts and opinions about how to get motivated to study? Do you know of any tips about how to get motivated to work? We’d love to hear from you. Share some of your thoughts with us below.

Joshua Sherman is a business coach and motivational speaker. In his spare time, he contributes to blogs and content on self-development and motivation. Joshua has 4 years of experience working in venture capital and finance, with plenty of time to develop his thoughts regarding motivation. Take on board his advice.

You’ve read 7 Weird Ways To Get Motivated That Actually Work, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.