One of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms in today’s digital era is snapchat.  As a result, millions of people are watching each others snapchat stories to get life advice, find motivation, and learn about ‘the hustle’. 

Granted, these stories are only available for 24 hours, but each of the following individuals provides valuable content that can help or inspire you to bring your life to the next level.

Check out 8 of the best influencers to follow on Snapchat below:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

gary vaynerchuk snapchat

Host of the famous #AskGaryVee show and owner of 2 multi million dollar companies.  Gary Vaynerchuk is arguably the hardest working person you will see on snapchat.  His stories are always full of wisdom and perspective on entrepreneurship.  Watching him work will motivate you to work even harder.  He is definitely someone to admire and follow on snapchat.


2. Caleb Maddix

caleb maddix snapchat14 year old entrepreneur is wise beyond his years.  His snapstory gives you just the daily kick of motivation you need to get going in life.  He is able to turn experiences from his short, but diverse, life into lessons which we can all benefit from.



3. Tai Lopez

tai lopez snapchatKnown for his infamous ads on youtube, Tai’s snapchat gives insight into his diverse lifestyle.  Each day he humbly shares the books that he is reading, workout motivation as he works out with models and high level martial art experts, plays basketball with his friends, and enjoys life by surrounding himself with awesome and friendly people.  Follow him for an exclusive look into a life many only dream about.


4. DJ Khaled

dj khaled snapchatWe the best! Internationally known rapper and producer DJ Khaled is arguably the king of snapchat. Chalk full of catch phrases, adventures, and partying; DJ Khaled unintentionally inspires millions of people every day with his story.  Follow him for daily, off the cuff, motivation about finding balance and getting the most out of what life has to offer.


5. Grant Cardone

grant cardone snapchatThe King of Sales himself.  Grant prides himself on his ability to sell and living the 10X lifestyle.  He works out, spends time with his family, and gives insight to how his viewers can live this lifestyle.  Grant also provides his insight into current events and what separates him from everyone else.  Add him to learn how to 10X your life and find success.


6. Peter Voogd

peter voogd snapchatBest known for his bestselling book 6 Months to 6 Figures, Peter Voogd provides daily motivation and insight to being an entrepreneur.  He is living proof that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible.  Expect awesome views and nuggets of wisdom as he shares his experiences from his hottub in Santa Barbara California.  Each day is full of motivation and value for the aspiring entrepreneur.


7. Rich Roll

rich roll snapchatFormer drug addict turned ultramarathon runner, Rich Roll is an inspiration to anyone who is looking to change their lives.  Every day he leads his followers through his morning routine which includes tea, meditation, and exercise.  He also hosts an excellent podcast that requires him to travel and meet new & exciting people.  Follow him for an in-depth look as to how treat your body like a temple and live life surrounded by family.


8. DeStorm Power

Destorm power snapchatBest known for his social media fame, DeStorm Power as he is called has had a wide variety of life experiences.  This insight has given him the ability to help others via his Morning Motivation segments.  Each day he answers a question (via Twitter) and provides wisdom to someone looking for help.  He also challenges his audience with workout challenges and entertains them with behind the scenes look at some of his online skits.  Wise as he is entertaining.


Who is your favorite person to follow on Snapchat and why? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!