Her biggest expenses are $350 a month for rent, eating out daily, and maintaining and repairing her car.

Source: A 46-year-old woman who makes $65,000 a year shares what she spends in a week – Business Insider

This is the first post in the new Everyday Dollar Diaries series.

In this series, I collect personal journals from real people who have tracked their normal spending habits over seven days, and then publish them here anonymously.

One of the first steps I took to save $1M by age 35 was becoming aware of how I spent my money. If you ever wonder, “Where does it all go?” then I challenge you to keep your own spending diary for seven days.

You’ll be surprised at what you might find.


A 46-year-old single female from Michigan. She has no debt and makes $65,000. Her biggest expenses are $350 a month for rent, eating out daily, and maintaining and repairing her car.

She celebrated paying off her debt last year, and this year has been working to build up an emergency fund. She meticulously tracks her spending and finally feels pretty good about her money situation, but she knows her circumstance could change in an instant.

Dinner out … $15.18
Small plastic bin with lid to store seeds for garden … $2.64
RFID neck stash wallet for passport and money … $15.89

Iced tea … $1.37
Lunch out … $14.87
Dinner out … $4.18
Starbucks (a new habit I need to reduce to once a week or less) … $5.18
Items from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store to make friendship bracelets … $25.41

Lunch out (also bought co-worker’s birthday lunch) … $21.08
Dentist (I cracked a crown) … $63.00
Dinner with a friend who I’ve been trying to get together with for awhile … $19.38

Lunch out … $15.97

Car repair … $195.85
Lunch out … $11.19
Candy … $0.88
Water can for house plants … $3.43
Essential oils (I concoct different blends that I diffuse in my bedroom) … $76.03

Hair chalk because I wanted some pink and violet stripes in my hair (I don’t care that I’m 46 years old either) … $8.47
Hair brush for blow-drying my hair … $5.29
Wildflower seed mix for my garden … $8.41
Groceries … $3.99
Amber bottle (to make an essential oil mixture) … $1.90
Lunch out … $10.05
Gasoline … $32.75
Dinner out … $14.23
Non-food groceries … $4.44
Aluminum wallet … $10.59
Wall hooks … $3.12

Essential oils (I need to cut myself off from buying more) … $23.10
Church offering … $175.00


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