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This Neuroscience Hack Can Make You Unstoppable

Because your brain recreates your memories, you can train it to automatically create memories that propel you forward. BY GEOFFREY JAMES Contributing editor, Inc[email protected]_Source CREDIT: Getty Images Successful people always find ways to manage their emotions and thoughts. Steve Jobs, for example, used mindfulness meditation to remain centered and focused. Many CEOs have specific morning rituals to start their [...]

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Billionaires Master the Rule of 168: Life’s Great Equalizer

The Rule of 168 is one that cannot be broken and anyone who masters it will live a life of joy and utter fulfillment. Those who ignore it do so at their own peril. BY BILL CARMODY Founder and CEO, [email protected] CREDIT: Getty Images One of the many reasons I love my coach, Chad Cooper, is [...]

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Tony Robbins: Want Success? Rewire Your Mind.

Image credit: Entrepreneur Network KELSEY HUMPHREYS FROM ENTREPRENEUR NETWORK Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Consultant JUNE 6, 2016 This story originally appeared on Entrepreneur Network Tony Robbins is in the business of breakthroughs. He helps people achieve personal and professional breakthroughs with his wildly popular motivational seminars, his life strategy coaching to CEOs, U.S. Presidents and billionaire hedge [...]

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How to Start a Brand-New Chapter at Any Age

BY ANGELINA ZIMMERMAN @Effervescent4u Many of us understand exactly what it feels like to start again, whether it was your own choice or due to various factors forcing you to create massive changes in your life. As we know, we receive messages from the universe, and if those messages are not heard, you get king hit, or knocked to the [...]

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7 Habits Millionaires Have Adopted For Financial Success

Becoming a financially successful person takes a lot of time, energy and dedication; it does not happen by accident or overnight. Most business owners have taken years of hard work to earn the millionaire title. Many people often have the mistaken notion that these individuals were born into wealth because they do not understand how [...]

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How to Become a Healthcare Innovator

Legislative hearings and extensive media coverage may have highlighted the unsustainable direction of our healthcare system, but this industry still remains the federal government's fastest-growing expense. Some $1.1 trillion was spent in 2015. Related: Why Healthcare Industry Has Become Favorite Of Entrepreneurs Without major reform, healthcare expenses will continue to skyrocket, reaching nearly 20 percent of GDP by 2021. [...]

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Why so many successful people are so unhappy

There are plenty of objective reasons to be unhappy - you're failing at work, heartbroken, struggling to make ends meet, or suffering from a physical or mental illness, for example. But if you made a big list of all the unhappy people in the United States and you removed everyone whose malaise was down to [...]

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How To Start A Business With Only $100 In The Bank

Dan Schawbel ,   CONTRIBUTOR I interview business leaders, celebrities and authors. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Chris Guillebeau Chris Guillebeau is a writer, entrepreneur, and traveler. His latest book, The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future, is now a [...]

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Want Your Kids to Grow Up Successful? Science Says You Need These at Home

Parents are eager to do everything they possibly can to help their children be successful. If you want your kids to earn big salaries as adults, what should you buy them now? Piano lessons? Coding camp? Mandarin class? None of the above. A new study found the secret to your child's future success could be [...]

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