At the time this article is coming out, I am currently navigating what has been a very tumultuous year for me. This has been a year of great transition and transformation in my life. While I have experienced incredible breakthroughs, this has also been a year where I have had to fight many battles. This has truly been one of the greatest seasons of my life because it has produced growth, development, and maturity.

This season of my life has taught me that I am much stronger, wiser, and more powerful than I thought I could be. As someone that has empowered people around the world to fulfill purpose and maximize their greatest potential, I know what it takes to achieve your vision and manifest your greatest life.

Here are a few insights about manifesting your greatness and living a meaningful life:

1. One of the most miserable feelings in the world is living your life in neutral

While we all have goals and dreams, very few people have the drive to see their dreams become a reality. The world is filled with people that have settled for mediocrity and a second-class life.

Most people want to experience change, but they do not want to be challenged. The majority of the people you meet will be content with living life in neutral.

Neutrality is choosing to live a life of cycles, patterns, and safety. You were not created to live life in neutral. Greatness is when you shift out of neutral and into overdrive. Neutrality offers you the comfort of safety at the cost of significance. 

Living your life in neutral is living with the gnawing feeling that you were made for more but choosing to fit into the mole. Neutrality does not rock the boat or challenge the status quo and it will never produce a memorable life. Living in neutral only produces a miserable life.

“Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

2. You must cultivate the seed of greatness within you

Every human being on this planet contains a seed of greatness. No person just steps into greatness, since we all contain the seed of potential. However, what I have learned over the years is that the seed of potential has to be cultivated. Potential that is never cultivated can never be converted into power. The cultivation of your potential requires development, and development is the one thing that most people avoid.

We do not like development because it challenges our standards and stretches us. If you are not being stretched, then you are not really growing. Without growth, you are barred from the realm of greatness. In other words, there is a seed of potential in you that must be cultivated to embrace the possibilities of your life. Cultivation of the seed of greatness will shatter every ceiling that stands between you and the next dimension in your life. Development is always the doorway into the next dimension.

3. You shift your life by honoring the moments of your life

Within the last nine months, I have experienced incredible success in my life and business such as the death of my grandfather, the transition of my career, and the expansion of my purpose and platform. I have been fortunate to create work that has resonated with people all around the world and earned me respect as a thought leader.

While I am grateful for my journey and everything that has contributed to my success, I know that I have mastered discerning the power of moments. My ability to identify, discern and seize moments of opportunity have positioned me for victory on so many occasions. Furthermore, my ability to discern moments has opened doors for me, connected me with destiny relationships and aligned me with my prophetic destiny. So many people are looking for opportunities in the wrong places.

We waste too much time pursuing interests and plans that are not in alignment with our true assignment and purpose. We do not honor moments because we are often unaware of the significance of the moments in our lives. 

Greatness is the ability to perceive, posture and partner with moments in your life. When you truly honor moments in your life, you will realize that every moment is precious and connecting the pieces of your prophetic puzzle.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

4. You were made to live a meaningful life

My life looks totally different this year than it did last year. Because it’s much freer, fuller, and fulfilled. I realize that we do not enrich our lives by filling our lives with activities. We enrich our lives when we choose to focus on our assignments. I have yet to meet a human being that does not want more. In fact, you were made for more.

The problem is that we are always looking outside of ourselves for more instead of looking within. If you will dare to look within, you will discover the wisdom and answers you need to manifest the life that you were made for. We only get one time to do this thing called life. You owe it to yourself to defy the odds, define your moments and dare to set the world on fire.

Stop shrinking back, playing small and lowering your standards. Challenge your excuses, choose excellence and create something extraordinary. Your moments shift when you awaken to your significance and dare to live an uncommon life. The world is not suffering from an absence of prosperity, the world is suffering from a lack of purpose. Without purpose, our lives have no pulse.

Finally, I want to challenge you to stop living by assumptions and stop living afraid. I want you to dare to dream, love and live without limits. Live on purpose and live every waking moment of your life with passion and intention. 

How do you make sure you’re making the most out of every single day? Share your ideas and thoughts with us below!