An expert shares why charisma is important for leaders.

Source: How Leaders Could Be More Like ‘Danny Ocean’ #ThinkBig

How Leaders Could Be More Like ‘Danny Ocean’

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There’s a difference between charisma and swagger, says Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of The Hayzlett Group and author of Think Big Act Bigger

Swagger leads to what calls ‘Johnny Vegas Syndrome’ — an attitude characterized by excessive confidence and celebration and an unbearably inflated ego. He says this syndrome leads to “an undignified belief that you’re bigger than yourself and the community that surrounds you.” This approach pushes others away.

Charisma, on the other hand, is a powerful sort of charm that inspires teams to come together. In this video, Hayzlett shares how to stave off toxic behaviors to be more like “Danny Ocean,” a character from the film Ocean’s 11 who rallied others around a common goal.


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