Coaching yourself through your day is an outstanding way to dramatically improve your results. Of course, all types of coaching are good, but getting high-power coaching from top coaches is incredibly good and can take things beyond your wildest expectations. However, having coaches like that with you, constantly checking your mindset throughout your day, is either going to be hugely inconvenient for your work and relationships.

This is where mindfulness and coaching blend together to form an amazing route to success. Naturally, being mindful is good because it keeps your thoughts in check and helps you overcome certain challenges within your mind. 

Mindful Coaching Through The NLP Cartesian Coordinates For Growth And Success

Within NLP, cartesian coordinates bring an outstanding way of busting through limiting beliefs, procrastination, and things you’re holding yourself back from. They’re also incredibly simple to use. Ask yourself the following four questions:

  • What wouldn’t happen if I did?
  • What would happen if I did?
  • What would happen if I didn’t?
  • What wouldn’t happen if I didn’t?

Regardless of what you’re holding back from, these four questions can bring a huge amount of insight which quite often shocks the coaching clients I work with when they encounter them.

NLP’s cartesian coordinates expose a totally new set of information which few people are actually aware of. Consequently, they make decisions based on incomplete data, often leading to outcomes they wished to avoid. In exposing that extra information in a mindful way, you can then coach yourself into far better decisions which can put a rocket under your success building efforts.

As such, these are some of the coaching techniques which most coaches would likely prefer kept secret. Personally I think cartesian coordinates and the value they yield are too valuable to keep a secret.

“Free your expectation of the future from the grip of past failure.” – John Seymour

Coaching Through The Wider Mindful Success Impact Paradigm

Success impact is something most people rarely think about. What most people do is set a goal and achieve it. We all have experiences of successfully achieving goals which have some unintended negative impact on others and backlash which comes as a result. This can detract from that success or can nullify it completely. 

Another great NLP technique comes in the shape of what is effectively a success impact paradigm. That is, understanding the wider impact of successfully achieving your goals. Naturally, you know of how goal achievement is going to impact you. This NLP technique looks at whether that goal achievement is ethically good for others around you, and then for the wider world too.

The intent with this is developing goals that are going to bring positive impact on all levels for yourself, others, and the wider world. Coaching yourself through this can help you accomplish your goals in a way which makes them far easier to achieve because they also bring wider support from others who will benefit.

With every goal, dream, and even smaller things like business decisions, applying this success impact paradigm will help you develop greater success. 

Coaching Yourself Into Mindfully Letting Go And Moving On For Faster Success

Dragging baggage from the past through the present and into the future is one of the worst things people can do. Being able to let go of the past is a wise habit to coach yourself into.

Truly letting go of the past is a mindset condition that coaching yourself into can bring incredible benefits. The decisiveness of only accepting and keeping positive benefit driven things in your life leverages your ability to generate success.

This does require a fairly disciplined level of mindfulness along with discipline when coaching yourself through deciding what is worth keeping and what you need to let go. 

Think of hoarders, the clutter they have, and how it affects their space. Then think of feng shui, clean flowing energy which focuses in with ease, allowing positive feeling and success to come with greater ease. This psychological process of letting go, through all the mental and emotional baggage you accumulate, brings success and happiness with far greater ease. 

Just think of how much energy and strength it takes to move in one direction, when you’re being pulled in a different one. It puts you under strain and forces you to focus harder. Yet, when you have nothing pulling you off course, your energy and focus aligns in a pure way which brings far easier results. 

“The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominating thought.” – Earl Nightingale

Coaching Yourself Into Mindful Alignment So That Dreams And Goals Come Through Successfully And With Ease

Alignment is key to everything where energy is concerned. When working on successful achievement of goals and dreams, that alignment taken to the core of your mindset is what brings the best results in the most time efficient way. 

Incorporating everything we spoke about above into your daily habits can massively transform your ability to achieve success. Having worked with them for well over a decade, I can happily testify to the difference they make. I know when I stop using them, I have far more challenges. 

Coaching yourself into success, streamlining your mindset, and aligning with positive psychology makes your journey far easier and enjoyable. Getting quality coaching that uproots deep issues is worthwhile, and for when you are unable to have your coach with you 24/7, these mindful points used in self coaching help you gain amazing breakthroughs.

How do you coach yourself and make sure you’re on the path to success? Share your thoughts with us below!