George S. Patton

Few generals have had the lasting impact that Gen. George S. Patton has had. 

Patton, who commanded the US’s 7th Army in Europe and the Mediterranean during World War II, is perhaps just as well known for his amazing insight into what makes for excellent and successful leadership.

Showcasing Patton’s most memorable and poignant quotes is author Charles M. Province in Patton’s One-Minute Messages.”

Here’s a few of our favorites quotes from America’s “Ol’ Blood and Guts.”

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“Do everything you ask of those you command.”

Source: Patton’s One Minute Messages

“No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.”

Source: Patton’s One Minute Messages

“Any man who thinks he’s indispensable, ain’t.”

Source: Patton’s One Minute Messages

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