A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this interesting question on Reddit:

If you had to make $5 million over the next 10 years, how would you do it? The answers were fascinating.




How people on Reddit would make $5 million

It’s amazing how quickly people turned down the dark alley of anguish and moral depravity. It’s like there are no legitimate ways to increase your income. Nope, you’ve got to sell your soul and become a corrupt politician or drug dealer.


Me in my NYC apartment

Why do we think this way?

I’ll share my thoughts tomorrow. But first, imagine you were in a similar, more realistic situation.

Let’s say you needed an extra $10,000 next month. Maybe you needed it to pay for an awesome once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia…or you wanted to cover a few months of living expenses while you looked for a different job.

If you had to get your hands on an extra $10,000, how would you get it?

Leave your answer in the comments below. I want to see if you can do any better than the people on Reddit.

Fascinating question about making $5 million in 10 years is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.