Some of the best memories are ones that sucked at the time, but looking back, you’re glad you did them.

What was it for you? Learning Spanish? Getting up the courage to ask someone out?

One of my favorite memories (which truly sucked at the time) was doing a set of 10x10x10x10s — 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 10 squats…10 times.

By the 5th set, I felt like I was about to die. Then I saw my trainer add more weight on. He just looked up and said, “Keep going.”

It wasn’t pretty, but I finished. I did all 10.


Destroyed by my trainer. More pics at

And looking back, this was a great lesson for me.

It was proof I was capable of more than I thought. I realized that sometimes we all need a little push to see that our limits aren’t real — that our inner critic doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Even those of us who are ambitious and motivated.

It’s not just about lifting.

Maybe I can get more than a 2% raise once a year?

Maybe I could get a date with that cute barista.

Maybe it is possible to earn more than $70,000 with a liberal arts degree.

There are few things more liberating than realizing the limits you thought you had don’t actually exist.

Last year, the entire IWT community got a taste of this with Hell Week.


It was such a fun, eye-opening experience that we decided to host the challenge again.

It starts next Monday, February 8. It’s completely free and you can join here.


What is Hell Week?
Hell Week is a week-long course designed to push you to your limits physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

It will be extremely challenging. You’ll likely curse our names and hate us at points. But by the end, you’ll have proof that you’re capable of far more than you thought.

And challenges that seem so daunting today (getting a raise, a date, starting a business) could suddenly look laughably easy.

Your Instructors
In addition to me, you’ll be getting schooled in mental toughness from Mark Divine, a retired Navy SEAL Commander who served 9 years on active duty and 11 years as a Reserve SEAL. He’s also the founder of SEALFIT and author of Unbeatable Mind and The Way of the SEAL.

We’re taking some of his best insights about physical stamina, mental toughness, and resilience, and showing you how to apply the techniques to your own life.

Here’s a short excerpt to meet Mark Divine:

This free 5-day course will be extremely challenging. But that’s what it takes to 20X your potential.

If you’re interested in silencing your inner critic and reaching your full potential, we’d love to help.

Register for Hell Week, completely free, here.


I’m ready to 20X my potential →



20X Your Potential: It’s time to show people what you’re made of.

P.S. This one isn’t for everyone. Please don’t sign up for Hell Week if you’re not ready to push yourself to the next level. This is not for casual observers and there’s no shame in skipping this one.

P.P.S. The challenges are the same as last year. If you’ve done them before, notice what feels different and what’s similar the second time around. That alone could teach you a lot about yourself.

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