We’re now 43 episodes into Self Made Man, and like me, you’ve probably started to notice an important trend…

Almost all of our guests have experienced a moment in their lives when they had to face their biggest fears and challenges head-on, or be consumed by them.

Whether that was James Altucher and his battle with substance abuse,

Garrett White and his decision to choose truth over deception.

Or Wesley Chapman who took a childhood of unimaginable torture, and turned that pain into the inspiration and energy he’s now using to change the world.

All of these amazing men had their fair share of challenges in their lives, and all of them chose to face them, and overcome them.

If they had not made that decision, they would not be here, and the leaders they are today.

So last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Wayne Levine. Wayne has spent the past 15 years serving as a very successful coach and mentor to men around the world.

Now when we started the interview, I expected our conversation to focus on how men can improve the relationships they have in their lives with their significant other, as Wayne is the author of a great book on the topic, Hold Onto Your NUTS: A Relationship Manual For Men…

But as the conversation progressed, it became very clear that this challenges within relationships are just a symptom of a larger root cause…

And that if you want to truly transform your life… if you want to move beyond your past, and resolve the issues that are holding you back, you must make the decision to face them, as Garrett, Wesley, James, and all of the other leaders on this show have.

But you can’t do that alone, and that’s where men like Wayne come into the picture.


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