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In 2011, Primoz Bozic was earning $7 an hour working as a computer programmer during university in his native Slovenia.

Then, he started to read.

He devoured productivity and habit change books from”I Will Teach You To Be Rich” to “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” to “Getting Things Done.”

A month later, he signed up for an online course called Earn 1K, meant to jumpstart people into earning their first additional $1,000.

Soon, he noticed, he had implemented the systems he learned from the books and the course so well that he was leaving coworkers in the dust.

“All of a sudden I wasn’t this person who almost dropped out of high school because I was procrastinating so much; I was the person who was getting things done,” he says. “People noticed that and were like hey, can you help me?”

He had a good job — especially considering that the average after-tax household income in Slovenia is about $20,000 a year — but he felt trapped.

“I’ve always had this dream or desire to travel around the world and meet new people, and I just didn’t see that happening in that job,” he explains.

So Bozic started branching out.

Since he had some experience playing online poker, he wrote a post on an online poker forum about how poker players could be more productive.

“People just loved it,” he recalls. “Over time I wrote this really gigantic article, it was probably 27,000 words. It was a guide on productivity for poker players, and it got translated into like seven languages. So it pretty much positioned me as an expert in that field.”

Primoz_ThailandAs readers continued to find his advice and reach out to him about their more specific situations, he left computer programming and started charging $50 an hour as a productivity coach for poker players.

“I was like holy s—, that’s a lot of money!” Bozic says. “Then I tested increasing my rate slowly. I just said, ‘Hey I’m raising my rates,’ and I kept getting a lot of clients.”

At $125 an hour, he got stuck … so he sought some guidance.

“I was super nervous,” Bozic remembers of attending a 2013 conference with Ramit Sethi, author of the first productivity book he read and creator of the Earn 1K course, “but I was like, I’m getting all of this advice, I might as well put it into action. And even though I was super uncomfortable with many things like asking for referrals and testimonials, and raising rates, I just said what can I lose?”

In one month, his business doubled. In three months, it quintupled. Bozic took a second Sethi course — Zero to Launch — and launched an online business called Skyrocket Your Productivity in December 2013.

He scaled down his poker productivity coaching in the Spring of 2014 to focus on his new venture, which coaches entrepreneurs to be their most productive and to most efficiently manage their time. Bozic currently has about 10 coaching clients, and about 150 people have joined courses on his website in the last seven months.

Between his products and coaching, he earns about $400 an hour.

“Now that I have online products, it’s just so much better. It’s so great because you do most of the work in the beginning and then you just keep earning money over time,” Bozic says. “You can write from a coffee shop, you can write from a plane, you can even write from a beach in Thailand. And it’s just so much better because it’s inspiring and it’s exciting. It’s not just being stuck in one room all the time.”

“It’s like that dream of making money in your sleep,” he continues. “That actually happens.”

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