As the father of a 5 year old, I’m constantly filled with questions about my son’s future…

Who will he turn out to be? What can I do now to prepare him to succeed in a world that’s moving so fast, we’ll hardly recognize it in 15 years.

Ultimately, I’ve concluded that the most important thing I can do right now, is to focus on teaching him a set of core values that will allow him to excel in whatever path he chooses…

Competitiveness, the will to win, pride in craftsmanship, honesty, integrity, gratitude, service, hustle, creativity, and confidence are all on the list, and when it comes to teaching and demonstrating these values, I’ll take all the help I can get.

And that’s where my friend Mark Hoverson comes in.

I’ve known Mark for about 10 years now, and while he has one of the most incredible rags to riches stories you’ll ever hear as an entrepreneur, I admire him most for what he’s accomplished as a husband and a father of four incredibly bright kids.

If you have children already, or if you plan to have them in the future, what Mark will share with you today when it comes to parenting will stick with you forever, and will have a dramatic impact on their lives.

So here is Mark Hoverson, and please make sure you listen to the very end of today’s show. We have some extremely talented listeners out there in the music space who have offered to let us use their music as we bring today’s episode to an end, and I think you’re going to dig it.

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