You just invested in yourself and in your business. You are taking massive action but the results are just not clicking yet. While everyone is making 10X, 20X, and even 100X ROI on their initial investment, you have made $0 return. Failure is starting to overcast your bright shining positive attitude and you are feeling the pain and shame of it.

You could ugly cry, hide under the covers, make excuses for yourself while eating ice cream and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls or, you can fight back and conquer failure once and for all. Failure would love to creep in and hold you down but you are born to be successful. With that mindset means you have to learn how to kick failures butt.

Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself in order to keep failure behind you:

1. Why am I failing? 

Asking why allows you to go deep into finding the problem that caused you to fail. If you just accept that you fail and are not willing to look for the solution or a way to improve, then my friend, you are a failure. Every time you fail you are able to learn something to take away and apply in your life. If you are not looking for the learning moments then you have given up and that is worse than failing. Many times you may find that it was you who caused yourself to fail all along.

2. What am I able to learn even though I am failing?

Falling in love with learning from your failures is easier said than done but probably the most overlooked at the moment when you are riding the wave of success. And even more, when you are literally trying to drag your lifeless soul from the pits of failure.

I hate failing and I bet you do too. But reframing failure as a key learning tool is a must if you are seeking to climb the mountain of massive success. Each time you fail, if you are able to extract just one new powerful experience and or lesson, you are able to grow quicker and bounce back faster. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before creating the light blub. Imagine if he would have stopped at the 1st sight of failure?

3. How could this be worse?

I know you have heard comparison is the enemy of success. Well, in this case, it is the opposite. Now, this is a deadly game to play but I know you can handle it. Unless your failure caused you to die, then you are able to bounce back. There is no ethical business failure you can go through that you are not able to bounce back from.

Since being in the military and having a greater understanding of sacrifice, you learn that failure is going to happen but regardless, you have a mission to accomplish. After each mission, not everyone comes home. Think of a 19-year-old young man that will never see his family again or even get to experience the pain of having a business that is struggling. Your failure is a luxury when you ask this question.

4. How can I evolve to avoid this failure again next time?

You have heard insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Well, my friend, you and I are freaking evolved insanity and all the entrepreneurs before us. We are built on your failures and remembered by our successes. So the best way to learn from your failures is to get back into the game and start building your business without making the same mistakes that caused you to fail before.

Failure is a normal part of entrepreneurship and life. The faster you start to view failure as a learning tool, the further ahead you will be than your competition. So bookmark this article and when you fail again, revisit this article and let me know how it helped you jump start back into the game and start kicking butt again.