Many people seek entrepreneurship as a way to achieve success and money, both professionally and personally. Some have the dream of undertaking from an early age; others discover it in times of need. However, what most entrepreneurs have in common is that they did not always know if this was really the best choice for their lives.

You may be going through this now. You may be wondering if entrepreneurship is the best way to realize your dreams or not. Fortunately, there are some signs that will help you find this answer.

3 Signs that your ideal path may be entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurs have some common behavioral traits. From this, you can identify signs in your own behavior that will help you recognize if this is the best way to lead you to professional and personal fulfillment. Here are some of them:

1. You bother with the traditional employment model

Have you ever worked in one or more companies and felt that it was not for you? Do you think this life is summed up in waiting anxiously for the weekend to be happy? Some people believe that they do not fit into the traditional employment model; Do not want to work at set times, receive the same salary at the end of the month, or have a boss. Many feel that they are killing themselves from working for the benefit of others, not themselves.

If it is so with you, it may be that your professional achievement is far from traditional employment. Having your own business, working for yourself, and receiving according to your results, seem like a better alternative? So maybe entrepreneurship is your way to success.

2. You have the desire to make an impact in the world

Engaging is a way to impact lives and make your mark on the world. Many successful entrepreneurs started their business to change the lives of at least one person. This change can be anything that brings a positive result and helps someone. If you are motivated to look for results above average and “not just another one,” entrepreneurship can be one way to accomplish this.

3. You like to take responsibility and fulfill

Are you happy when you reach the end of the day and see that you have done your homework, whether large or small? And when the days are unproductive, and you can not get anywhere, does that bother you?

If you feel that way, it is because you have a passion for accomplishing. You like to chase after your goals and fulfill your responsibilities. This is an essential characteristic for those who want to undertake entrepreneurship.

When you start a new business, you take on responsibility. Entrepreneurship is a daily quest to achieve the goals for which you are responsible. If that motivates you and makes you feel that life is going forward, the undertaking can be your way to success.

If you have identified with these signs, you are in the right place. A venture can really make sense for your life. Now, if you identify with any of the signs I’m going to talk about below, you better be careful because you may be making a hasty decision. Continue reading the post to understand.

3 Signs that entrepreneurship may not be for you

If any of these characteristics have to do with you, entrepreneurship may not be the best option, or at least not now. See below:

1. You want to follow the easy way

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be easy. So much so that we have a biological tendency to seek the least effort possible to spend less energy. However, if you search for business ideas by researching “what to sell to make money fast and easy,” entrepreneurship is definitely not for you. This path is difficult, tiring, and the results can take a long time to appear.

So if it is so difficult and time-consuming, what is the advantage of undertaking? What is easy to achieve generates common results. Already the difficult road can result in extraordinary things. If you have real motivation to choose entrepreneurship, keep in mind that it is they who will lead you forward. Your motives will make you not give up, however difficult the situation may be. It takes persistence.

2. You just want to create a job for yourself

Many people begin to undertake entreprenurship when they lose their jobs, and at first, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is to think that entrepreneurship is a substitute for a traditional job. If you want to undertake to create a new job, do not do it. You will regret it because working in your own business requires different challenges, different efforts and brings results in a different way.

According to experts, 50% of micro and small business owners run their business for a good job. Do you think these people will become successful entrepreneurs? Because there is no motivation to undertake, they do not believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve success. They undertake because they want to create jobs for themselves. These people do not feel fulfilled with their business.

If you think about entrepreneruship but would trade it for a job, quit this post and find a job. It is best for you because entrepreneurship would only bring you disappointment.

3. You only want to be an entrepreneur to be rich

If you seek entrepreneurship only as a way to get wealthy or rich, I need to tell you something. Most entrepreneurs are not rich. A study called Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, pointed out that in 2018, only around 15% of the entrepreneurs had a family income greater than minimum wages in the USA. If you consider this to be wealth, the other 85% of entrepreneurs are not wealthy.

Even worse, the eagerness to get rich is a big reason for bankruptcy in new businesses. Many entrepreneurs believe their business exists to give them money, so they take the company’s profits for personal use and do not reinvest enough. So your business breaks even before you can get established in the market.

So you mean entrepreneurs do not make a lot of money?

Just as most employees do not get rich, most entrepreneurs do not. It is only you to think that wealth only exists because it is an above-average result. If everyone were rich, no one would be. Money is the result of hard work and sound financial management. Successful entrepreneurs know they need to wait for their business to grow and establish themselves before earning a greater amount of money. And this is crucial for anyone who wants to undertake.

Entrepreneurship is not a magic formula to get rich, and if you start a business just thinking about money, you probably will not have enough motivation to continue. If you have not identified with any of these signs, you are on the right track. Entrepreneurship should really be for you. So, to follow the next steps and take action on the right time to form your own business.