More than “just another seminar,” Leadership Academy is a process that becomes ingrained in you after four days of work, assessment and practice.

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Own your influence.

Leadership is about having a vision bigger than yourself, bigger than this moment. Leadership is about making your vision a reality. For Tony Robbins, the definition is simple: A true leader is someone who inspires others to become who they truly are.

At Leadership Academy you will learn the tools that Tony has used for the last three decades to have immediate impact and create lasting change in others. You will learn how to step into any situation and make a difference in the quality of your life, and in the lives of others. Take control of your life regardless of anything in the external environment.

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Why Leadership Academy?

True leaders are in short supply these days.

Bona fide leaders are selfless, persuasive and committed to creating lasting positive change in those around them, in every aspect of modern life—whether it’s at work, in public office, in school or as a parent.

Have you ever:

  • Felt that there is a leader hidden deep inside of you, but you just can’t break free from
    those last few obstacles?
  • Been able to create some positive change, only to return to your old habits?
  • Felt frustrated because, even when you change yourself, you can’t help your loved ones
    with the same challenges?
  • Wondered why you aren’t doing greater things with your life?

Leadership Academy 2014 | Speakers and Topics

You are the leader you’ve been waiting for. At Leadership Academy, join the industry’s premier strategists and discover how to influence anyone, anywhere — through powerful communication, effective team-building, expert body language and a shift in mindset that will transform the quality of your life, and the lives of those around you.

Joseph McClendon III—Facilitator/Head Trainer/Tony Robbins’ #1 Performance Coach

Join Joseph McClendon, the facilitator of Leadership Academy Bootcamp, and a host of other extraordinary speakers as you embark on the leadership experience of a lifetime.

Adventurist/CNN ‘Hero’ Robyn Benincasa—Leading and Inspiring Teams

Take your passion for leadership to new heights as adventure racer, firefighter and three-time Guinness World Record holder Robyn Benincasa discusses the essential elements of human synergy that help foster empathy, effective communication, shared responsibility, mutual respect, and a real sense of interdependence among teammates. Using the platform of the Eco-Challenge “expedition competition” for her entertaining stories and valuable insights, Robyn will share the inside secrets of team success in the most challenging situations—from leadership and “followership” skills to dynamic role shifting.

Psychotherapy Expert Cloe Madanes—Leadership Strategies for the Real World

Immerse yourself in real-world examples of how to use and integrate your leadership strategies, guided by psychotherapy expert Cloe Madanes, Tony’s partner in his work and co-founder of coach training school Robbins Madanes Center. During this powerful session you will discover how to apply principles of empathy, language and negotiation to everyday situations — and how to transform the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

Psychotherapist/NLP Expert Sid Jacobson—The Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Discover what makes the difference between the few that do versus the many that just talk. Neuro-Linguistic programming is the study of how people learn, think, communicate and make changes. Through the study of highly successful people, we can learn the patterns that lead to success.

One of the earliest Certified Trainers in NLP, psychotherapist Sid Jacobson will explore NLP’s many practical applications—aimed at everyday situations, and needed by everyone. Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, discover how to communicate better, perform more effectively, and live a much fuller and more rewarding life.

Sam Georges — Uncovering the Myths Behind Your Life and Work

You’ve experienced success and you’ve experienced failure. For each of us, the continuum we measure these on is created by myth. How and where that myth comes from is worth exploring. Is it possible that these experiences have strings attached to them and when you can take the leap from puppet to puppeteer a new world can appear for you in an instant?

You have a business life, a personal life and your secret “Walter Mitty” life. In the unexplored version of these lives things occur randomly, yet we take responsibility and credit for them. We work to change things yet change doesn’t work. (If it did, the world would be a different place.) Perhaps change isn’t the answer.

Sam Georges, who lives in Las Vegas, has been the CEO, President and General Legal Counsel of Anthony Robbins Holdings and its related companies for the past 21 years, and retired from corporate life on June 1 of this year. In those roles he has worked side by side with Tony Robbins and also as his chief deal negotiator and trusted advisor. Sam’s exploration of this topic will provide an insight that will give you a ticket to live life with the freedom of a leaf in the wind. This is his 11th year presenting this impactful material at Leadership. It’s light-hearted, fun and sure to rock your world!

In this exclusive audio, Tony outlines the essential qualities of a leader—the same qualities you will master at Leadership Academy.

Listen now, and take the first step toward becoming a force for good.



We all have the seeds of leadership within ourselves. Through concrete strategies, Leadership Academy will empower you to become a person of influence, someone with the power to awaken everyone around you. You will learn the 7 Master Steps for Lasting Change, the secrets of leverage, and ways to understand and fulfill the 6 Human Needs. This program is essential for business owners, parents, managers, counselors, teachers and coaches.

It’s time to step up to your true potential. To miss this year’s Leadership Academy is to miss a rare opportunity to claim your unique personal power. In four short days, you can unlock the tremendous leader inside you.

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What People Are Saying

Any great achievement requires leadership—and the skills I’ve gained at Leadership Mastery have been absolutely invaluable, whether I’m training a sales team, negotiating a contract, leading a corps of volunteers, or governing a board meeting.
Leadership Mastery has empowered me with the skills and mindset to become a true leader. It has produced the most dramatic personal growth that I have ever experienced.
At the Leadership Academy event, I broke through limiting beliefs about myself as a female leader and have gone from strength to strength. At the time I was 40 pounds overweight and with very low self-esteem. Since then, I became a world class triathlete competing in the world championships, wrote a relationships book and am currently one of a group of women that helps other women take their lives to the next level with my own retreats in the Far East and in Europe. If it had not been for Leadership Academy, I do not know if I would have ever had the tools, courage and vision to step into my own feminine power. Thank you so much, Tony Robbins!
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In the unlikely event that after having participated in the first half of any session of Leadership Academy, you decide that particular session is not right for you, simply hand in your program materials. We’ll send you a refund, no questions asked.