Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you this amazing new song and video written by my dear friend, Joseph Mclendon III.

He wrote this song based on that feeling you get when you are on top of the world and everything seems to be going your way – when you feel incredibly blessed, lucky and fortunate. At that moment, you are only focused on how good it is and how good you feel. Time flies by and your energy is abundant. In these moments we are living life “Like Its Never Gonna End” – when we are in this state we are the most grateful, the most forgiving, and the most connected to our purpose.

Joseph originally created this song as an incantation to instill and fortify the belief that anything is possible. He understands the power of affirmations and incantations and the deep impact that music has on our emotions and nervous systems.

Listen to the song and use it as a tool to create the belief that anything is possible!

(Click on the triangle in the right corner for HD viewing – 150% better quality!)

Click on the iTunes button to purchase the song – proceeds from the sale will benefit the Anthony Robbins Foundation:

Joseph McClendon lll - Live It Like It's Never Gonna End - Single