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If you want to be a more competitive job applicant, you should check out this “Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle.”

This 7-course bundle will teach you the vital business skills you’ll need in order to land a job.

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Check out the bundle here, and read about the 7 individual courses below.

Microsoft Excel Course

excel jobStack Commerce

This course comes with over 100 hours of learning material. You’ll learn essential Excel functions and data analysis basics with PivotTables and more.

The course also covers in-depth data handling (including sorting, filtering, look-up and more), as well as formatting options and training.

Advanced Microsoft Excel Course

advanced excel jobStack Commerce

After you finish the first course, you’ll want to get through this one.

In over 160 videos, you’ll learn how to make advanced graphs, learn how macros & VBA automate your spreadsheets and increase interactivity, harness functions to solve complex problems, and turn raw data into clear information.

Microsoft PowerPoint Course

powerpointStack Commerce

Nowadays, presentation is just as important as content — and this course will teach you how to command your audience’s attention.

You’ll learn the basics of PowerPoint, create charts to express complex ideas, optimize the flow of your presentation, and learn how to best incorporate images, animations and presentation aids.

Microsoft Word Course

word jobStack Commerce

There’s a lot more to Word than just text.

This course will teach you how to master tips and shortcuts, customize your usage, and learn complex functions like long documents and forms.

Effective Outlook Course

outlook jobStack Commerce

Outlook is essential in nearly every profession.

This course will teach you how to optimize Outlook for your whole team, how to prevent junk mail, minimize email errors, quickly find emails, automate email management and presentation, and consolidate your notes.

PivotTable Course

pivot tableStack Commerce

This course will teach you how to quickly summarize and understand data with Excel’s powerful tool.

You’ll learn how to identify the primary uses of PivotTables and when to use them, how to present clearly and compellingly using PivotCharts and Conditional Formatting. Additionally, you’ll learn how to build interactive dashboards.


SharePoint Course

sharepoint jobStack Commerce

This course will teach you how to collaborate across teams seamlessly.

15 hours of learning materials will teach you to utilize collaboration with communities, wikis, blogs and more. Additionally, you’ll study business intelligence and reporting using an integration with Excel.