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Have you heard a saying “creative mess”?

It’s what many people characterize artists by, as creative chaos is the lifestyle of any creator. There are even supporters of a so-called “the creative chaos theory”, who claim that a creative process is impossible without a little mess.

But if an artist wants to build a business out of the works he or she created, it’s absolutely necessary to bring some good planning and organization into this whole process. Moreover, when building your own business, self-discipline also plays an important role.

But how can an artist, who’s often guided by spontaneity and impulse, become organized in order to build a successful business? Here are some useful motivation and self-discipline tips for every artist.

1. Make a Habit of Getting up Early

Waking up early gives you more time to do everything you’ve planned. And even though according to a research night owls and early risers have different brain structures and therefore have different work patterns, making a habit of getting up early (at least earlier at 11 a.m.) will help you adapt better and be more self-disciplined.

Other benefits of getting up early include enhancing your productivity, having more time for exercise and many more. Moreover, if you get up early, you’ll have more quiet time when everyone is still sleeping to think about your plans and ideas.

Besides, seeing that gorgeous sunset will definitely be an inspiration for an entire day!

2. Learn How to Schedule

Scheduling is the first step to becoming more motivated and organized. “We often organize planning and scheduling classes for our employees”, says Julie Warner, an HR manager from A-Writer. “Scheduling is aimed at enhancing productivity, it inspires you to move forward.

If you want to create a business out of your art, planning is the first thing you should learn how to do. It will help you structure your work better and do everything step-by-step. Thus, you’ll not only feel motivated and disciplined, you’ll also feel more secure about the work you’ve done.

3. Say No to Procrastination

Escaping procrastination doom loop is not an easy task, but if you want to stay creative and own a successful business, you should definitely learn how to do it.

So in order to be more motivated and self-disciplined, it is necessary to create distraction-free time zones, when you do not let yourself be diverted from your plans. You can try some of these tips:

  • Set deadlines: setting a “now” deadline can help you put yourself back on track. Besides, if you know that you have to finish a certain project by a certain date, it will push you set back all distraction and work more productively;
  • Use various apps and tools to get you off your gadgets: such apps as Pomodoro and Forest offer interesting techniques that will help you put away your gadgets and concentrate on your work.

4. Review Your Goals

Reviewing your goals is a habit that you should commit to on a weekly basis. Why weekly? After you’ve worked the whole week on achieving your goals, it’s absolutely necessary to review them and see how much you’ve done and how much it’s needed to be done more in order to achieve them.

When reviewing your goals, try to look from the perspective and be more objective. Do not punish yourself if you think that you haven’t done enough. Success is not measured by achieving a certain goal. It’s about making efforts and committing to the goal, and every step that you make on your way to achieving it.

5. Don’t Forget about Having a Free Time

Working on creating your own business is a very time-consuming and sometimes an overwhelming task. Once you get into it, you may soon find yourself completely deprived of rest and free time to spend with your friends and loved ones.

Depriving yourself of having some free time can also negatively impact your creativity and leave you completely exhausted. That is why, when scheduling, always dedicate at least a day to having a rest, running your own personal errands, meeting with your friends and family. Use this time to reset your body and mind, and to get into a productive mood for the week ahead.

And In Conclusion

Don’t punish yourself for failing. If you know that you lack motivation and self-discipline, if you try to become more organized but fail from time to time, it’s absolutely fine. We learn by failing, that is why we need to allow ourselves to fail. This makes us stronger.

Once you understand that motivation and self-discipline are inalienable parts of a creating a successful business, any issues coming your way won’t stress you. You’ll be able to retain your motivation and won’t lose inspiration to create more.

Besides, you’ll learn that self-discipline is also a part of being creative, as it puts your minds at ease and helps you concentrate on your artistic works.

You’ve read Motivation and Self-Discipline Tips for Every Artist, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.