Jarrod and Grant talk about perfecting your pitch today on Young Hustlers.
Your pipeline won’t stay full without a pitch. An elevator pitch is also not the same thing as a sales pitch. We found one guy describing the elevator pitch as followed:

1) What is your product or service
2) Who is your market
3) What is your revenue model

This is wrong.

Grant’s advice for making a pitch:

1) What do you want them to remember? Not many things—think about the 1 big thing you want them to remember. Don’t try and be a jack of all trades.

2) What is your big claim to fame? Think about the one thing that sticks.

3) What is your competitive advantage? What are you best at? Tell them!

4) Who are the decision makers?

5) How many different pitches do you need? A lot!

You need to determine who it is you are pitching, that will determine which direction you want to take your pitch.

Watch Trump pitch. “Make America great.” He doesn’t get into details. People remember what he’s about. The pitch is not a sale. It’s not about asking questions. You want to put a hook in. Go for broke in the pitch!

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