Today, we get to enjoy 2 things: Ramit’s amazing advice on a happy relationship, and the fact that I started a business where I can write a blog post calling my own advice “amazing” and send it to millions of monthly readers.

I want to share something I learned from my parents about love.

See, Indian parents aren’t into PDAs. They don’t make out with each other in public or do big romantic gestures. But my parents show their love in their own way. Every day, when my dad comes home from work, my mom leaves the door unlocked (so he doesn’t have to fumble for his keys) and she has chai waiting. And they sit and have a snack together. That’s love.

I shared this story with a coworker who was having problems in his relationship. Look what he wrote me:


Why am I sending you this?

Guys, a Rich Life isn’t just about earning more and more money. It’s about using all the material we teach — focusing on the Big Wins, spending extravagantly on the things you love, and choosing what a Rich Life means to you — to focus on the things that really matter. Anyone can talk about making more money or selling some ebook. But those are just short-term things.

A really Rich Life is about way, way more than how many dollars are in your bank account. One of my goals is to continue showing you how to decide what a Rich Life is to you — and then get it.

Happy Monday. As always, thank you for reading.

P.S. If you have an unusual example of a Rich Life, just comment below — I read every response.

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