Among the most popular work at home business model is network marketing. Network marketing is considered to be the fastest growing earning opportunity especially in the United States.

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Among the most popular work at home business model is network marketing. Network marketing is considered to be the fastest growing earning opportunity especially in the United States.

Millions of people have literally abandoned their dead end jobs to get a chance of building their own business and achieving their dream of financial stability. However, most of them find out that the first year of network marketing is more than challenging and for some novice marketers, the pitfalls of network marketing is often discouraging.

2014 My Journey Started

In 2014 I discovered Network marketing. I believed whole heartedly that I was going to become extraordinarily rich overnight because everyone would want to join my business opportunity. So I sunk everything we had into that business. I worked it like a dog with a bone. The harder I worked and the more money I sunk into it the further away we became to achieving financial freedom.

Its’ not that I didn’t start to see some success because I did. But the money going in was more than was coming out.

My world was collapsing. I felt like a failure. I had put us in the most devastating financial situation ($13,000+ in debt) and I had to do something fast!

Have you ever felt like you had failed at something you had tried so hard at?

I stumbled across a very powerful letter that, long story short, drew me to another opportunity that focused more on gaining the right skill sets and the right mind-set and realized that what I had been missing was actually investing in ME instead of placing ads and desperately trying to make things happen.

The next few months were invaluable. I continued to spend thousands of dollars and hours of time, but this time, it was into me. I learned online marketing from the best in the world. I was mentored and trained by the most brilliant minds in our industry and discovered the self-development journey with some of the most powerful and insightful people I had met.

My First $1,000 Month

Investing in my education as a professional eventually led me to my first $1,000 Month of profit. Yes, that often sought after but often times never achieved TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME. The success continued and soon it was turning into $1500, $2000, $3000 and up months. But, I started to see that most people were still struggling and not getting results.

This is when my inner wisdom started kicking in and I started to see that my purpose was not being fulfilled because I was unable to impact other people and selflessly lift people up because it was all about me.

Do you believe that true fulfillment comes from selfish needs to just exist and make it all about yourself or do you believe that having an impact on other people is the source of true fulfillment?

Something changed over that period and my true purpose came to life.

It is now my passion to assist others in reaching their full potential through letting go of limiting beliefs and tapping into what drives them to become their best self. Sometimes we don’t always understand there is so much more to learn and so much more we can be because we are always evolving.

Be humble. Understand that the more you think you know the more you need to know.

When we stop learning we stop growing.

No matter what your circumstances you have the ability to reach your true potential if you are just prepared to do 5% more than you did yesterday and 5% more than everybody else.

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To your success

Shaun & Kimberly Keizur