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You know the feeling, something super exciting just happened to you and the first thing you want to do is pick up the phone and tell someone about it! Most of us feel that urge at first, then we get into our heads about it. You begin to think about who you can actually share your success story with – and a list of trustees pops in your mind. Sharing your success is actually part of your success. Somewhere along the process we get deflated with the thought of being perceived as arrogant or boastful.

I remember when I was just shy of 10 years old, a family friend was pursuing a career in Investment Banking. At that age I didn’t know a thing about Investment Banking. However as I listened to her tell her story; I wanted to be just like her. For whatever reason, she handed me over a twenty dollar bill. Instead of buying jelly beans to last me the whole month, I saved it. While I never became an investment banker, she lit a fire inside of me at the early age of 10; a fire that still burns many many years later.

Why is Success Story Telling So Important?

Let’s first look at why success stories are so significant. Most of us have heard an inspiring story from a successful business person, an entrepreneur who beat many odds or some other awe inspiring stories from real people. Something about hearing another persons success story sets a little fire within. There is power in both telling a story and hearing a story.

In his paper Steele writes about a study where some subjects listened to inspirational speeches and while other subjects listened to travel speeches. The study found through the use of Thayer Activation-Deactivation Adjective Check List (AD ACL), subjects who listened to inspirational speeches had greater increase in their activation. In addition, their tested urine showed an increase in epinephrine levels after listening to the inspirational stories. Essentially these subjects had a burst of adrenaline! Remember that little fire inside of ten year old me?

Now that we’ve figured out the positive physiological and psychological effects of hearing inspirational stories; where do you and your own success story fall? Truth is, your success story has the power to elevate a persons perception. Yes, that’s right. You have the ability through sharing your story whether small or big, to impact another person for the better. What you are creating is a word we use frequently, motivation. Your success stories motivate listeners to kick start their purpose. Think of the inspiring stories you heard in your past and the positive impact they had in your journey.

How Sharing Also Benefits You

Motivating others plays a role in continuing to build your own empire. Sorta ironic hey? How can doing something for someone else benefit you? Sharing your success brings about an avenue for you to look back and reflect. Of course reflection brings about clarity, closure, understanding and endless possibilities. Another benefit for you to share your success story is that it opens you up to the possibility of a dialogue with your listeners. Dialogue about your success story can present opportunities for improvement or highlight things you did great that you can continue to implement in the future.

While society can at times make you feel like telling your success story could have an adverse effect, the truth is genuinely sharing your story unleashes more than one positive effect. The best part is, you get in on the benefits yourself. Unleash the power – supercharge and share your success stories!

Christabel holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Services and MBA in Global Leadership. A business consultant ( with a diverse background who enjoys helping clients globally. Christabel is life-learner living in Beaumont, AB – Canada. When she’s not busy building her career, you’ll find her behind her Nikon camera lens & travelling the world with her husband & two daughters.

Power motivation, Activation, and Inspirational Speeches by Robert Steele at Wesleyan University
Photograph by Pixabay at Pexels

You’ve read Supercharge Not Just Your Own Success by Using This Simple Technique, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.