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Why Being Broke Can Be Your Biggest Advantage…

When you start from a place of nothing, when you’re hungry and laser focused on succeeding at whatever you’re out to do… When you’re flat-out determined to get where you’re going no matter what, You’ve got a running start, and a bigger advantage than you realize. This is the Power of Broke, and today we30

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151: Get An Unfair Advantage

Today we are talking about winning, winners, and how to win. This week in the news Mark Brunel says he believes Tom Brady did not play fair. President Obama said that we are playing on a fair field.
Do you think Tom Brady should be eliminated from the Super Bowl? Do you think he knew he had an unfair advantage?
If you want more money than the next person, if you want control, if you want an unfair advantage, you need to push things to the outer boundaries while remaining lawful.
Be A Boss:
1. Dominate, never compete
2. Be excuse intolerant
3. Never bitch-out
4. Pay bills like a baller
5. Have nothing to lose
6. The ability to dismiss mass opinion
7. Outwork everyone
8. The ability to take risk
Don’t look for fair, look for great. Don’t envy successful people, emulate them.
An unfair advantage is not an unethical advantage.

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