132: Are Commissions Dying Out?

Grant Cardone explores commissions and how salespeople can continue to earn big. Grant begins this episode siting an article; “The Case for Ending Sales Commissions” which explains threats to commission based pay. Technological advances and new services that help customers make decisions independently plus, the way salespeople work how performance is managed could render traditional commission plans obsolete.
Grant weighs in with his opinions about commissions and breaks it down into these key points.
5 Facts On Sales & Commissions:
1. Everything in life is a commission.
2. Your pay will go down if you don’t get better.
3. You better be fast.
4. You better follow up.
5. You better be the best in your space.
Tune in to learn what impacts your ability to earn and what you can do to continue to continue to get the pay offs you seek.

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