114: Why Democrats Make Less Money than Republicans

Income Inequality Is Higher In Democratic Districts Than Republican Ones

By Joshua Green and Eric Chemi

The folks at Bloomberg Rankings, drawing on U.S. Census data, have measured the level of inequality—the Gini coefficient—in each of the 435 U.S. congressional districts.

It’s a fascinating list (and a map) that reveals all sorts of interesting things.
32 of the 35 districts in which inequality is greatest are represented by Democrats
These districts are spread across the country, from the Northeast to the Southeast, to the West Coast, and even the Midwest.

Why do Democrats dominate them?
Because almost every one of these 35 districts lies in an urban center dominated by two groups of people living in close proximity to each other: highly educated, highly paid whites and poor blacks and Latinos.

These groups are essentially the Democratic Party’s base. If you want to make more money why would you live in areas that are this problematic?

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