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Motivation Quotes on Getting Motivated

Get yourself motivated with the collection of motivational quotes and phrases on motivation. Read each quote, think about it, and try to implement it in your life. Motivation means having … Continue Reading…

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5 Ways To Stay Motivated When It Seems Like You’re Not Getting Anywhere

One of the most challenging parts of being productive and successful all comes down to finding ways to stay motivated. If you are someone who easily gets and stays motivated, this skill can be one of your greatest tools. If you are someone who struggles with motivation, it can be one of your biggest obstacles. It may seem hard to stay motivated when you keep working but feel like you are not getting anywhere. In these situations, it is more important than ever to find the strength and focus needed to push past the challenging time and to really stay motivated. Here are five ways you can stay motivated, even when it seems like your efforts aren’t getting you anywhere: 1. Start by knowing your motivating force Everyone has their own different motivating force or factor and they can vary from person-to-person. In order to stay motivated even in the most challenging of times you need to know what your individual motivating force is. You need to have a reason to succeed. What is your reason for wanting to keep going? What is your reason to keep working even if you aren’t seeing the results that you want?You need to know what motivates you. What is your big picture goal that put you on this path in the first place? If you can channel what this is, then you will have the strength and vision to stay motivated no matter what comes your way. “The experience of pain or loss can be a formidably motivating force.” – John C. Maxwell 2. Know what you can lose Sometimes just knowing what you want isn’t enough to really motivate you. There are many people who react better to knowing what they can lose. If you are struggling to stay motivated because you aren’t seeing the rewards or benefits that you want, start focusing on what you could lose by giving up. What will happen if you don’t keep going? This outcome may just be the boost you need to push forward.   3. Get yourself organized When you are extremely busy and are dealing with a cluttered over-stimulated brain, it can easily not only ruin your focus but your energy as well. It can seem almost impossible to stay motivated and push past certain challenges when you are dealing with a cluttered and organized brain. Take a moment to really write out all of your thoughts and ideas and get them organized. Many times, just taking a moment to organize your thoughts can give you the clarity that you need to make the right decisions and to find the motivation to keep going. Taking some pressure off your brain by moving your thoughts to a more organized list is a great way to unload, unwind and regain the focus you need to find the motivation you desire.   4. Be ready with a backup plan Many times people find they are not reaching their desired outcome, not because they don’t have the right skills or talents, but because they don’t have the right approach. Instead of getting down on yourself and losing steam when things don’t seem to be working out, try a new approach and come up with a new plan. Be prepared to change courses. It doesn’t mean giving up, it means starting over with a different approach to the same problem. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to find success and the renewed energy and motivation required to meet your goals. Thomas Edison once said it best when he claimed he’s never failed he’s just “found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” You may not need to try out 10,000 approaches, but having a backup plan or two can only help you regain your feelings of motivation.   5. Let it go In the words of the now famous Disney song, sometimes you just need to let it go. There are so many people that find a block in their motivation not because they don’t want to keep pushing on, but because something they are holding on to is getting in the way. If you find that you get easily upset or frustrated, or are worried about what other people are thinking about your shortcomings, let it go. “Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” – Hermann Hesse Feelings like this can only leave you feeling pre-occupied and unfocused. Don’t worry so much about what other people are saying or thinking about you and your situation and instead let it go. It can help you regain focus and help you get back to the motivated place you want to be. How do you stay motivated? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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11 Key Principles From The Book The Science Of Getting Rich

The entrepreneurial spirit has been around for years.  In fact one of the leading books on creating success was written in 1910 by Wallace D Wattles.   ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ has a fantastic title which makes you want to delve right in and what is hidden inside is more than just tips to create wealth – it is a manifesto by which you can live your life to achieve anything you desire. It can be a tough read, since it was written at the turn of the previous century, but there are some golden ideas that, once implemented in your daily routine, can change your life forever! Here are eleven key principles that Wallace D Wattles suggests are ways of thinking and acting in your life to achieve success: 1. To grow rich is to fulfill your potential We all have our hang ups about money in some way, but creating wealth in your life does not have to come from a place of greed.  Success is about becoming what you want to be and to allow yourself to do that, money plays a part. Creating wealth and abundance in your life allows you to fully embrace your potential. “The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” – Wallace D. Wattles 2. Opportunity is infinite Allowing yourself to see that anything is possible will enable you to be open to opportunities outside of your current scope and reality. Think big about what you can achieve. Then think bigger.   3. Thought and action create success If you think about the things you want to be, do and have in your life then the mere notion of this will allow you to see the opportunities available to make it happen. To then act upon those opportunities is what is required to achieve your success. You need to be specific about what you want, have a purpose for those things and above all be determined in your mind that you will achieve your desires.   4. Create, not compete There is enough in this world for everyone. There is no need to compete for anything as there are abundant riches in the world available to you. You have the ability to create what you want through thought and action, there is no need to take those things from another person, nor do you need to cheat or take advantage of anyone in the process. Become a creator not a competitor.   5. Give value Always give more value to someone than what you receive in exchange for it. This is known as over delivering.  You will create business from operating this way as this will be what you are known for and people will want to work with you or buy from you as people will go where they are ‘given increase’.   6. Gratitude Being grateful for the things you already have, allows your mind to also expand into being grateful for the thing you are yet to receive. The law of physics states that every action has a reaction – equal and opposite. So the gratitude you express for the things you desire brings them closer to you for accepting.   7. Guard your thoughts from negativity The energies of thought create the very thing that you think.  Therefore it is important to be aware of any doubts, disbelief or negativity that enters your thoughts.  Positive thinking is essential to achieving your desires.  That’s not to say you brush the negativity under the carpet, but be aware, address and release any doubts you may have about achieving what you want. Also guard what you say – Never speak of yourself, your affairs, or of anything else in a discouraging way.   8. Act to your fullest ability in all things This is about showing up for the work. Not just about your work, but any tasks that you do should be done to the best of your ability, no holds barred. Each day do as much as you can achieve, and do it efficiently. “You can advance only by being larger than your present place; and no man is larger than his present place who leaves undone any of the work pertaining to that place.” – Wallace D Wattles 9. No haste needed There is no need to hurry. If you are operating in the creative sphere and not the competitive, no one is going to beat you to the thing you want to do.Take your time. Mistakes come from acting in a hurry, or from a place of doubt or fear.  If you find yourself rushing, slow down and remember to keep in mind what you desire whilst expressing gratitude that you are to receive it. This very act strengthens your faith and renews your purpose.   10. Do not worry about how you will overcome obstacles As you go about your business it is inevitable that you will come upon obstacles to your goals. These might be obstacles of your own imagining or real ones. However, if you think and act in the ways above, you will find as you venture on your path a way will appear. Do not trouble yourself with thoughts of how you will do something. Think back to the gratitude of having already what you desire.   11. Failure is only apparent Never feel disappointed that something hasn’t worked out as planned.  You may perceive it as failure but hold to your faith and you will see failure is only apparent. Something better is on it’s way to you which will make that apparent failure a true success. How are you thinking and acting in your life to achieve success? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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9 superficial factors that may be preventing you from getting a promotion

In an ideal world, we would be judged by the work we do. Unfortunately, professional success often goes beyond an individual’s work ethic and performance; there are lesser known factors that play a role in an employer’s decision to offer a promotion.

According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, there are nine (superficial) factors that may be preventing you from getting that deserved promotion.

BI_Graphics_9 Appearance mistakes that are holding you back at work

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This startup makes getting freelance help for your business as easy as sending a chat

Konsus small

Getting freelance help for business projects often feels more like dating than time-saving. 

Businesses have to post an attractive task, pick a freelancer to do it (based on little information) and then hope it’s a good match and that the work comes back at a decent quality.

If it’s bad, they move onto the next one.

If they find the “one” who is a good fit, they will generally take the freelancer off the market to help work exclusively.

After all, that’s how Konsus is building its own business to help workers save time by using freelancers. They’ve been posting job listings, and then poaching the ones who do the best.

“This work of going around of platforms saying ‘I’m John from Russia and I’m great at PowerPoint, so please hire me’ isn’t a nice thing. And then people are not nice to you. You’re going to get fired daily,” said cofounder and CEO Fredrik Thomassen.

Instead, Konsus flips the model on its head. Businesses send a chat message or an email to ask for help on a project, and a project manager immediately delivers a quote and splits up the tasks among freelancers. No begging, dating, or firing on either side. And starting Thursday, the company is also launching an integration with Slack, so requesting a spiced up PowerPoint will be as easy as chatting with a coworker.

A problem with no solution for many workers

Thomassen learned the value of outsourcing some easy tasks from his days as a consultant. At McKinsey, they had a staff of freelancers that could help them take care of some of the essential but non-core tasks of doing their jobs overnight. A PowerPoint presentation could be sent off at the end of the day and a formatted version would be back in his inbox in the morning.

Leaving to build his own company, Thomassen soon realized that his days spent building a company meant nights handling excel spreadsheets and creating investor presentations.

“At 10 p.m., you can’t really send a task to your employees because they’re going to be super pissed,” Thomassen said.

After messing around trying to hire folks on other platforms, he built his own network of freelancers, and soon realized his friends were looking for an affordable solution to cut down on office work too. 

The problem is the freelancer market has been so broken, Thomassen said.

KonsusMeeting with his college friend Sondre Rasch for lunch in the parliament of Norway, where Rasch was working as a policy advisor, the pair realized that there was a larger need for quick and easy but quality work that benefited both the freelancer and business.

There were plenty of companies to get freelance labor, like Task Rabbit, or longer engineering work, like Gigster. But their idea for Konsus was to create a solution that any business can tap into and have round the clock support. Negotiating a contract for data entry shouldn’t take longer than the time it would take to just enter it.

The company launched in Norway in August 2015 and has already signed up customers ranging from major enterprise clients like Telenord to small 10 person businesses looking for some extra help. The pair joined the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator in January 2016 to introduce Konsus to the US after seeing 10% week-over-week growth after its launch. And unlike most startups that are eight months old, the pair claim it’s already profitable.

“The problem we’re solving is not just finding the freelancer, but also getting it done,” Rasch said.

How Konsus works

To save businesses time, Konsus pre-screens and vets the freelancers to work on its platform, making it easy to find help immediately and not go through the back-and-forth hiring phase. For freelancers, it’s a big boost to have a constant stream of tasks without having to invest time into responding and competing for job postings. 

The company narrows down its freelance help to 10 core competencies, ranging from website and logo design to data entry. After spending hours scanning freelancer forums all over the web, these tasks accounted for 60% of contract volume, Thomassen said.

When a business chats Konsus a request, a project manager quotes the company a price and puts it into a pool of available tasks. The project manager will be someone from your country, but the task could be sent to freelancers around the world based on their skill set and availability.  

“The language barrier can be high when working with freelancers globally. Communication difficulties do arise and we bridge that gap by having that project manager who you do have a common language with and who you can hold responsible, ” Rasch said.

The project manager is also in charge of asking questions and breaking down the tasks into bits for freelancers.

While normally a business would have to post a task like a new website piece by piece on a freelance site, Konsus handles breaking it down and assembling the finished product. Logo design is dispatched to one specialist while copy writing is sent to another. The product manager then makes sure the quality is high and meets the standards before sending it back to the business — and all of this happens instantly since it’s staffed around the clock.

What we find is that very few real tasks when you think about it in the business world revolves around one very well-specified single task,” Thomasssen said. “I think we’ve almost never seen a task which is simply one siloed specialized task that we can just complete directly.”

Businesses can buy a package of 100 hours at a rate of $19/hour. For one-off tasks, it’s bumped to $29/hour. The company doesn’t vary pricing based on the freelancer or time of day or turnaround time. It’s designed to be transparent and equal. 

For the founders, making Konsus affordable comes at a peak time when e-labor or freelance work is on the rise, but there hasn’t been any disruption to the traditional marketplace of posting job listings.

Previously contract work meant you were a beggar for work.

“Previously contract work meant you were a beggar for work. Maybe sometimes people would be nice to you and give you some task. But now the power relationship is totally changing around, and if you’re talented, you can tap into a service like Konsus and get work whenever you want,” Thomassen said. 

By cutting down on the time freelancers spend having to search, they can do work that’s fitted to their skill set around the clock and increase profits just based on volume alone.

“Whether you’re a single mom in the Philippines or a failed writer in Scandinavia living in the mountains, you can just open up your computer at any moment to start working on what you’re good at and get paid the value of that product,” Rasch said. “We think that kind of flexibility for those that want is better, and that’s the future of work.”

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20 negotiation tips for getting the salary you want

Negotiating your salary can be awkward and challenging — and actually getting the pay you want often seems impossible.
But it isn’t.
“A job interview can be stressful, especially when it comes time to talk about money,” s…

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Competent, hardworking millennials are getting shafted by older employees who feel they deserve bigger salaries

startup entrepreneurOn Friday, a Yelp/Eat24 employee wrote a lengthy blog post to her CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman, about her compensation, which she said came out to about $8 an hour after taxes. A few hours later, she said she was fired. This created a hot debate about how expensive the Bay Area is to live in, and whether or not companies should pay entry-level employees more.

One millennial-age woman, Stefanie Williams, wrote a response to the former Yelper, Talia Jane, accusing her of poor priorities and work ethic. The letter was first published on Medium and then on Business Insider, and it went viral.

One of our readers has written a letter to both women arguing that there’s a larger problem: Older workers are paid too well, often for no reason other than that they’re older.

Dear Editors (and Talia and Stefanie):

I’m writing in response to the now quite popular open letter to the former Yelp employee Talia Jones written by the slightly older, but apparently much wiser Stefanie Williams.

Bashing millennials and shaming those who claim to be struggling financially has grown in popularity, seemingly in response to public attention on income inequality. It seems born of jealousy that younger generations will be handed a better shot at the American dream than we had. I believe that jealousy is natural, but should be individually suppressed for the good of our country, not revered in a business media outlet.

In college, I worked three jobs to pay rent and try to reduce the debt I was taking on. I skipped a year of the college experience, taking the max number of hours each semester so I could graduate early to save a year of non-credit based fees. I did all of this even with tremendous support, emotional and financial, from my family and the unfortunate advantages that come with being “a young white English-speaking woman.” The hard work didn’t end when I graduated; I lived in modest cities (definitely not “the City”) and when I moved to a larger one, I took a second job to support myself.

The difference is that, unlike Stefanie, I don’t wear this as some kind of badge of honor. It was what needed to be done in my particular case. I spent a few bitter years after college jealous of my friends living in NYC who could afford the luxury of unpaid internships. But I’ve matured to know that working that hard to get by should not be the norm and I’d love to see everyone have the opportunities I didn’t.

Cutting your teeth, working your way up, putting in your hours… Those are great ways for longer standing members of the work force to keep younger employees in their place. It’s not based on merit, but instead it’s the people in power holding the only thing they inherently have over young people as critical. You can work incredibly hard, learn everything about your craft, perform excellently at your duties, but you can never speed up time to match their years on the job. It’s a justification for bloating salaries of long-standing management, regardless of how ineffective they may be.

Basically what I’m saying is that if companies can pay CEOs millions, they can pay employees an actual living wage based on merit, not the number of years you’ve worn business casual. More than that, you shouldn’t have to beat the system to get an education and real life experience. Yes, Stefanie, I too worked very hard when I was younger. And I honestly wish no student or young person has to work that hard ever again.

Thank you for your time,

EEE Stevenson
Dallas, Texas

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