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185: How to Handle an interview

Every Friday at 12 PM EST Grant Cardone, New York Times bestselling author and top sales trainer, gives you insights and advice to help you escape the middle class and achieve true freedom in business, career, and finance. He shows you how to get your game so tight, that you’re always right. Each week I teach you how to get your finances straight, get your life successful every day in every way.

Grant’s real and raw in-your-face approach serves as a wake-up call for anyone who has given up on the hustle and become complacent. The Cardone Zone is like no other business show on the air.

Watch one episode and you’ll be hooked.

Today Grant talks about “How to Handle an Interview” and “How to Control an Audience”.

It’s a beautiful Friday. TGIF = Thank God I’m Free. It’s more important to be free than what day of the week it is.

3 Things to Handle an Interview:
1. Know your audience
2. Decide to be friendly or antagonistic
3. Decide where you have altitude

Example 1: Periscope Summit Roundtable (Friendly)
Example 2: HuffPost Live (Antagonist)
Example 3: Fox Business (Maximize)

Take control of the interview. It’s not about the host. It’s not about the other people that might be there. It’s about you and you must control the situation.

Donald Trump knows how to play the antagonistic card. It’s fresh and new. Everyone is paying attention to him because his approach isn’t boring.

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071: How to Handle Customer Complaints

Grant and Jarrod speak to the 80-million millennials who have been told over and over that they are lazy and entitled. Millennials are a driving force in the business world, and they need to know how to get true freedom—financial freedom.

You are going to get haters. If you put yourself out there, people will complain about what you are doing.

Some people are upset about How to Make Millions on the Phone. If you want the 3 hour and 27 minute version with no pitches, no commercials, just go watch the edited version of the webcast.

What happens when you get legitimate complaints?

Grant admits that he was wrong for changing his mind about the criteria to get a flight on his jet and that he got greedy at the end.

He also points out that the eBook provided for the $49 webcast is filled with $1700 of content that his company sells on a daily basis.

People innately want to be liked, Grant included, but you can’t please everyone. The massive number of people who attended is far larger than the number of complaints, but it’s easy to focus on the negative feedback from the customers.

If you’re still trying to be liked by everyone, you’re never going to get to the top of your mountain. When people complain about you, they are saying more about themselves than you. You need to address them, but don’t let it distract you from your goals.

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